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Aesa Raela

The Sith Empire

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Aug 2 2018, 10:41 PM
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<h1>Aesa Raela</h1>
<h2>A. 27. Sith. Cykeem White. </h2>


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<img src="https://i.imgur.com/Yc9JtYD.jpg">

<h2>Species</h2> <h3>> Erasonian</h3>
<h2>Homeworld</h2> <h3>> Saris</h3>
<h2>IC & OOC Rank</h2> <h3>> Apprentice</h3>
<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>> Training</h3>
<h2>Additional Information</h2> <h3>> </h3>


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<h2>Personality & Description</h2>
Fuelled by fire and passion, Aesa is a young man who's spirit burns with intensity. He is a deep feeler who is affected by the world more than he let's on. He likes to maintain a front of control about him but he feels emotions with the scorching intensity of a hot iron. As such he is the kind of person who acts on impulse as opposed to thoroughly thinking things through. If something rubs him the wrong way he's quick to anger and act in ways that make him impulsive. His ability to switch temperament in the blink of an eye has been the source of fuel that feeds his aptitude for the dark side of The Force.<p>

Especially when angered, he finds ease channelling his rage into power. The same way he's quick to anger he is also quick to express any other thought or feeling that may overwhelm him. Vocal and expressive, Aesa speaks his mind when he wants. He has no filter which has moulded him into a blunt character with a brutality to his honesty. Competitive too, no challenge is greater than him. Even with the odds stacked against his favour, he is the kind of person who doesn't settle for anything short of first place. If there's something to be won he thrives to be the winner no matter what. Driven to succeed too he is a hard worker with a competitive edge to him and to anyone he's put up against he shows no mercy.

Height: 6'1"<br>
Weight: 157lbs<br>
Hair Colour: Black<br>
Eye Colour: Brown <br>
Species Attributes: slightly larger pupils than humans, blackening of the whole eye when using telepathic abilities


<h2>Force Abilities & Other Skills</h2>

Force Abilities<br>
Force Body | Force Speed | Force Jump | Force Sense | Psychometry | Force Sight | Dopplegänger | Telekinesis <p>

Fighting Style<br>
Advanced hand-to-hand combatant | Telekinetic lightsaber combatant | Dun Möch<p>

Species Abilities<br>
Telepathy | Increased endurance and stamina.<p>

<p>Aesa Raela was born to the Erasonian species of the planet Saris. With origins that date as far back as the galaxy's prehistory, when users of the Force first emerged and when force-sensitives gathered to form such orders like the Jedi, the Erasorians were a species which evolved around the cosmic energy known as the Force. Being creatures who've generally had a higher concentration of midi-chlorians coursing through the blood of them and their ancestors before them they were a race famous for producing some of the most gifted force-sensitives in the galaxies all throughout history. Ruled by a monarchy who's king was the father of the young Prince Aesa, the noble family's origins stretched back to the Millennia before the Battle of Yavin, around the collapse of The Old Republic.<p>

With a bloodline stemming from that of the first ever force-sensitive member of their race, Taeon Valox the people of Saris viewed descendants of Taeon in holy light after the legend of Taeon told the story of how he one day meditated so deep and hard that he disappeared from existence. To the Erasonians The Force was seen as something highly spiritual. They believed it's power shared ties with their gods and that Taeon harnessed it to transcend from the real world into the spiritual plain on his path to achieve higher existence. Following his disappearance Taeon's legacy was carried on through his only son who's blood was seen as sacred and carrying in it the strongest ties to The Force amongst their race. With roots from that very bloodline, King Valis was the 38th ruler of Saris and next in line for the throne were his two twin sons Zalya and Aesa.<p>

Zalya being born with The Force was the poster child for succession to the throne while Aesa possessing no force power always fell second to his brother. That trend continued all throughout the boy's lives growing up with Zalya viewed as a more worthy heir to the throne because of this. As a result he gained more of their father's favour which often left Aesa in the shadows of his brother's glow. "You should be more like your brother, he'll make a good king one day." <br>
His father's harsh criticism always broke him down more than he wanted it to. He was never good enough in the man's eyes no matter how hard he tried to please him. The neglect Aesa faced gave rise to feelings of jealousy and the desire to become better than his brother became his life's ambition as he watched the golden child soak up all the spotlight. Aesa was the forgotten child but he vowed to make his mark remembered. That was his promise to himself and through that determination he would take the guise of the family's black sheep when he did the despicable.
Aesa tried killing his brother but his attempt would fail when his father received whiff of his plan and foiled it before it came to fruition. With his scheme in the open Aesa would flee from home after his father declared him an enemy and banished him from their planet. Back turned against his family and home, he began to roam the galaxies as a lone wanderer for years. It was during those years, living life on the move that Aesa first discovered his sensitivity to The Force. <p>

After thinking he was born without the unique powers that his brother possessed over him all their lives, it came as a surprise to him to see them manifest so late in his life. Like a dormant volcano he suddenly erupted with The Force while fighting for cents in a fighting ring on a human colony. In a fit of rage, Aesa sent the man flying several feet in the air with just his mind, shocking himself and a large crowd of spectators. A Sith was amongst the onlookers that day and witnessed the feat by the young man. Sensing the latent potential in him the Sith sought him out after the fight and approached him with the prospect of taking him under his wing.
Aesa seeing this as an opportunity to gain power which he could use to against his family accepted the offer and began training in the ways of The Sith as the man's apprentice. The Sith cultivated the darkness within Aesa, helping him channel the anger he harboured against his family into real power. At first progress was slow but as he continues to train under his master he becomes stronger day-by-day, itching for the moment where he'll get to exempt his revenge on his family.</p>


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<h2>GMT +2. PM, Skype</h2>




<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/6c354cc6bdfda9a8ab834e9b972eda66/tumblr_p2pcgdpBsc1ssdpfho1_500.jpg">

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