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 Alexia Preston
Alexia Preston
 Posted: Aug 4 2015, 01:43 AM
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The Syndicate

Alexia Elena Preston
Sexi Lexi, Lex
Twenty Five and Three Quarters
Independant Troublemaker
Darkside Master
Darkside Neutral
Slicer, Coder, Businesswoman
Miranda Kerr
Personality & Description

Through the galaxy, individuals tend to be broken up between fighters and thinkers. Alexia is a thinker. She has a slight build and is quite small in stature for a grown human female. Her hair is long and whispy, all honey and caramel messy locks she rarely wars with a brush or comb. Her eyes are a hazel, fluctuating between blues and greens oftentimes depending on her mood. She has minimal imperfections, as one would expect from a girl born into her stature. There remains just one scar from the base of her neck down to the curve of her lower back marking her backbone. Alexia will tell a different lie of how it came to be each time.

Depending on the occasion, Alexia will flow between evening gown formal and mechanic type lax in her choice of wardrobe. She favors silk and chiffon gowns that seem to reveal every inch of skin while remaining her to be decent, while brushing the floor at the same time. When alone, she prefers to work with her hair pulled back, wearing a tank top and some loose fitting cargo pants. It is rare to find her dressed in between. Appearance is something she is learning, and not very good at.

Force Abilities & Skills

Art of the Small, as taught by Xander Starkiller. Limited to biological use on other sentient beings, some plant life forms. Alexia has used Art of the Small to modify her body to contain a second set of tear ducts that produce Bacta. This allows her to heal, even as a Dark Force user, without using her Force powers.


Important anecdotes of note from her past include severe abuse by her father. This led to the murder of her parents and older brother. Alexia does not handle physical contact well as a result. She also has a fear of Jedi, spawning from an incident where she confided in a Jedi on Cloud City, and was left to her situation. She has harbored an exaggerated fear ever since.

In present time, Alexia works as a gifted slicer and cider. She took her father's company and focused on building shield and energy preservation programs for war ships. She lives a life of luxury and is quite contented to get drunk and break things on her free time. She is in love with a Sith, and only regrets her inability to stop making stupid decisions and letting him take care of her (for once, although she would never admit to this in public).

Alexia is also not to ever be trusted in the kitchen. Last time she tried to make a frozen dinner, she burned down a building.
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Aug 4 2015, 09:09 AM
The Blonde Bombshell
Nightsister Master
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Sexuality : Bisexual
Temptation is a woman's weapon and a man's excuse.
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accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.

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