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Dyans Keto
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 04:26 PM
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Technical Information

Alternate Name: Breath of Life | Construct Magic | Living Construct Magic
Alignment: Neutral
Area: Alter | Alchemy
Rank: All
One must known that this type of Magick creates Life and there I always a trade and balance that must be kept. For ever life made one must be taken so not to upset the natural balance. Full fledged Practitioners are rare. There are many who dabble in elements of Golemancy but to be a true practitioner one must seek out full practitioner.

Historical Information

Creator: Who created the ability.
Faction: Krath | The Sith Empire | Witches of Dathomir | The Dark Brother Hood | The Horseman of the Appoclypse
Notable Practitioner:
  • Cole Flannery
  • Ichabod Von Stien
  • Nova Starfall

The Description

Travelers Eye | Thieves Hand | Ghost Whispers | Twisted Tongue | Dragon Armor | Bone Hardening | Blood Scrying

Travelers Eye – This requires the eye of a living or dead creature. The Magic infused in it allows the eye to float and move where the castor wishes. The Caster can also see through the eye as if it was there own eye. It is visual only, so they can only see what is going on when they position the eye where they want it.

Thieves Hand – This requires the hand of a dead thief or criminal and wax. Once the magic is applied and the treasure seek name is bond into the flesh of the hand. The fingers of the hand will light up and melt the closer you are to the treasure acting as sort of locator meter the closer you get the hotter and faster the hand melts.

Ghost Whispers – Allows one to transmit a message anywhere in the galaxy so long as you have the Jaw bone of a relative of someone near to the person or the person themselves you wish to send the message to. Basically, the Jaw bone is enchanted and can speak through living people or corpses. It is not mind control as the person if they are living still have full control, but it seems like a disembodied voice is coming from their lips.

Twisted Tongue – Requires a tongue and the blood of some who speaks the language you would like translated. Once enchant you can understand that language however it does not allow you to speak it or read it just understand it when spoken to you.

Dragon Armor – It requires A couple of Dragon Scales and when enchanted it can hardened your skin to be as strong and durable as that of a dragon.

Bone Hardening – Requires ground bone, Milk, and Blood making a paste like substance and then enchanted. Then rubbed-on bones it makes them thicker and harder making them harder to break or crack.

Blood Scrying – Requires blood of a relative of the person you are looking for, a pendulum, and a map. It will help you locate the person you are looking for though it does not give you pinpoint accuracy only a close proximity.

Restored Flesh | Unrot | Cure Disease | Mend | Sentry | Stone Sight | Stone Hearing | Flesh Binding | Cat’s Grace | Stone to Flesh | Rancor’s Strength | Corpse Memory | Wolf’s Sent | Stone to Bone | Bitter Tastes

Restored Flesh – This spell regenerates flesh like muscle and skin making it grow back. Though Flesh only not bone or nerves.

Unrot – Spell to Restore necrotized or rotted flesh back to healthy living flesh.

Cure Disease – One can remove Disease and sickness from a person.

Mend – The spell allows you to mend and broken or shattered things weather organic or inorganic.

Sentry – It turns statues or figurines into watchmen that give off alarms silent or loud to let you know of intruders or guests.

Stone Sight – The spell allows you to enchant stone so you can see through them like an extension of your own eyes. It is a great way to visually spy on People.

Stone Hearing – The spell allows you enchant stone so you can hear through them like an extension of your own ear. It is a great way to ease drop or spy on people.

Flesh Binding – The ability to bind flesh to anything like back onto bone or onto books or other objects of one choosing. It can bind flesh to any surface or substance.

Cat’s Grace – Requires the heart of a feline. It must be enchanted and consumed giving the person superior agility.

Stone to Flesh – Transmuting Stone into Flesh.

Rancor’s Strength - The muscle tissue of a rancor or strong creature is required. It must be boiled in vinegar and then liquefied. Then enchanted and then drank to give a person superior strength.

Corpse Memory – The ability to take the memories and knowledge from a corpse that still has brain that hasn’t been dead for a long time. Best to have a freshly dead brain to gain more memories and knowledge from it. Brain must be purified and enchanted then consumed.

Wolf’s Sent – It requires the sinuses of a creature with superior smell be ground burning to ash and then mixed with water, blood, and lemon juice. Then once enchanted and applied around ones nose, one gains the superior sense of smell of the creature.

Stone to Bone – Transmuting Stone into bone.

Bitter Tastes – This is a potion/salve that requires saliva of a creature with superior taste buds to the tongue you are applying it to. It is enchanted and applied to the tongue to give them a superior sense of Taste.

Permanence | Unlife to Life | Flesh to Stone | Bone To Stone | Living Stone | Animate | Regeneration | Blood Creation | Blood Replication | True Life | Power Imbuement
Permanence – The spell makes all spell affects a permanent fixture to what ever they are attached to until that thing is destroyed.

Unlife to Life – The ability to turn Undead back into living breathing flesh and blood.

Flesh to Stone – Transmuting Flesh into Stone

Bone To Stone – Transmuting Bone into Stone.

Living Stone – Turning a statue into living contruct or being.

Animate – Turning something into an animate object that normal is inanimate or dead.

Regeneration – Being able to regenerate lost limbs or flesh of ones sell of others.

Blood Creation – The ability to transmute another liquid substance into Blood.

Blood Replication – The ability to replicate the blood of some else so long as you have a sample of there blood.

True Life – Giving something normally inanimate or dead life true life sentience, life span, aging, and growth. All the things that come with life to something that normally would be with out it. It also bestows a soul on the being given true life. This requires a sacrifice of another living being a soul for a soul.

Power Imbuement – The ability to imbue a construct with powers, abilities, skills, or Knowledges upon creation that the creator has knowledge of or access too.

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Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 04:42 PM
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The ability petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other abilities and the application moved to the approved section.

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