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Is here They will last until July 6th. Characters destined to die in the Doomsday Event do not need to participate.

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Doomsday has come for the galaxy and no one is safe from the reckoning. The beginning of the end is here. The galaxy will be forever changed.

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Blaize Von Stein
 Posted: Jun 21 2018, 12:17 AM
Grim Reaper
Horseman Devotee
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20-June 18 : Joined
Age : Unknown
Occupation : Soul Collector
Sexuality : Bisexual
Are we running toward death? I have met him times before. He adores us like the rest.
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Horseman of the Apocalypse

Technical Information

Alternate Name: Reaping |Extension|
Alignment: Neutral
Area: Control | Sense | Alter
Rank: All rank inclusive
Reaper created by the Horseman of Death.

Historical Information

Creator: Blaize Von Stein
Faction: Horseman of The Apocalypse
Notable Practitioner:
    Blaize Von Stein

Reaping Abilities

Contact Essence | Death Zone | Eternal Sleep | Reanimation Negation | Reaping | Spirit Possession

Contact Essence
The ability of a reaper to communicate with others even after their own death. They also possess the capability of relaying messages from those whom are already dead.
Death Zone
The ability to decide what lives and dies within the immediate area. This provides the capability to not kill everything within the field, but only those which are destined for death.
Eternal Sleep
The ability to allow anyone or anything that has been reanimated, including wandering souls, the gift of eternal rest.
Reanimation Negation
The power to nullify reanimation to ensure the dead do not become zombies.
Capability of transporting souls to their next destination whether it be to the Horseman of Death or elsewhere.
Spirit Possession
The ability to possess those who are dying as well the essence of non-corporeal beings.

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Dyans Keto
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 02:56 PM
Krath Sovereign
Master | Elite
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Age : 32
Occupation : Empress
Sexuality : Heterosexual
Global Moderator

The ability petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other abilities and the application moved to the approved section.

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