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 Taru Eclipse
Taru Eclipse
 Posted: May 26 2018, 06:47 PM
Darth Ragnor
13 : Posts
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25-May 18 : Joined
Age : 17
Occupation : Sith Apprentice
Sexuality :
The Sith Empire

Taru Eclipse

Darth Ragnor. 17. Sith Empire. Eggy Unwin.


> Human


> Korriban

IC & OOC Rank

> Sith Apprentice


> Dark Side

Additional Information

> Taru is not a brute nor a genius. He is something else entirely...

Personality & Description

Being a warrior isn’t always the easiest thing to do due to the constant “need” for battle, the “wants” of war, and the “normality" of life. However he likes to play games with his enemies, and to set up traps/ambushes. Taru is generally quiet, as it helps him to think of what will happen next. However, once angered, he will get loud, and with his anger comes a form of a battle rage. Taru stays silent until he reckons that he has had enough of ‘playing’ with his opponents. He enjoys watching others fail in areas where he succeeds as it boosts his self-esteem. He works best alone but when with a group/squad he is still able to give his all.

Height: 5”11
Weight: 165lb in pure muscle
Hair: wind-swept Black/Brown
Eye color: Pure Silver
Skin complexion: overall pretty fair

Lightsaber: Curved-Hilt with a Lignin Crystal — this lightsaber was not created by him, but was with him since his birth. Also it just so happens to be a perfect fit for his fighting style.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Force Speed, Force Jump, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Telekinesis, Force Scream, Force Lightning, lightsaber forms: a combo of II & VII


"Korriban, the birthplace of my power. Quite literally, as I was born there. When I was but a few months old(I was told all of this, as I obviously cannot remember this portion of my life), I was found by a group of apprentices out on a mission from the academy. The only way that they found me was by sensing my aura. Filled to the brim with anger and having passion coursing through my veins, it was only a matter of time before they were alerted to this pinprick of huge potential. Little sparks of Red Lightning burst forth from my fingertips, and even the fauna of Korriban was wary of me. By my side lay a curved-hilt lightsaber, complete with a lignin crystal on a chain hanging around my neck waiting for me to become attuned to it. Henceforth, The Dark Side has taken me at birth, with some of my early peers saying that I was marked for the Sith from even way before I was born. I was taken to the academy, and brought up there. I gained admission only after killing 3 other ‘students’ by electrocution from my own Sith Lightning. From then on, I was seen as the Dark Force manifested in all of its purity. Or so I was made to believe... Overall, my rage has purpose. My ability to project Red Sith Lightning when I’m angry has a purpose. I have a purpose...”

Taru Eclipse

U.S.-Eastern. PM.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).

~ Taru Eclipse

No Retreat, No Surrender!

Vanya Aklin
 Posted: May 27 2018, 10:28 AM
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Witches of Dathomir

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