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 The Sith Empire, Site Canon
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: May 19 2018, 03:08 PM
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Application | Plotter | Want AD

Needed are specific roles within The Sith Empire. Below you can find information on what is being looked for.

If you are interested in one of these characters, register the character and begin the application.
Hannibal Ventus [ Javier Bardem ]
The High Moff
Ruled by emotion, Hannibal Ventus is a man full of passion. He strives for the ultimate power, the ultimate satisfaction in all things. The man is the speaker of the Council of Moffs and relays all concerns to those higher up.
    Age: 30-40s
    Species: Open
    Rank: Sith Master
Romulus Hyde [ Chadwick Boseman ]
Grand Admiral
Romulus Hyde is an individual that is sarcastic, charismatic, and highly ruthless. He is the Fist of the Emperor and the leader of the Sith military. His strength in the Force is only second to the Emperor.
    Age: 30-40s
    Species: Open
    Rank: Sith Master
Xavier Kaine [ OPEN ]
Jaemus Moff
Governed by cold logic, everything is black or white to the Moff of Jaemus. The man can be merciless, calculating, and downright condeming towards those who make even the smallest of mistakes.
    Age: 30-40s
    Species: Open
    Rank: Sith Master
Cesar Fiore [ Karl Urban ]
Korriban Moff
Cesar appears to be an individual that is laid back, sometimes even soft spoken, but there is a mischievous soul that dwells inside of him. The Moff is not above using whatever means necessary at his disposal once other have been exhausted in terms of enemies both within and outside the Sith Empire.
    Age: 30-40s
    Species: Open
    Rank: Sith Master

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