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Doomsday has come for the galaxy and no one is safe from the reckoning. The beginning of the end is here. The galaxy will be forever changed.

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 Horseman Recruitment
Ichabod Von Stein
 Posted: May 5 2018, 12:19 AM
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Horseman of the Apocalypse

Horseman Recruitment
Faction Information

The Horsemen of The Apocalypse are paranormal cataclysms that have been nothing more to some other than urban legend. Through the ages, their names have become lost amongst the history books, their deeds gone untold. It is unknown how they have come into existence, only that they have existed before time and the creation of the galaxies.


From tales of long ago, rituals and offerings were made in the name of The Four Horseman to gain their audience. Though one may desire their presence, the Horsemen will only answer a summons should they feel the need. As these rites have been long since forgotten, Death and War and Conquest and Famine, will indulge their own desires. However, there are times when they are conjured by accident.

One does not just simply hail these beings and join there ranks. Each servant has a purpose, a place within the grand design. None are chosen blindly. These individuals bring something unique, desired, to the Horsemen's ranks.


When acceptance has been given, servants are expected to severe ties with any other associations. They are no longer bound by such ties as their loyalty is demanded. Dedication is paramount and those that fail the Horsemen will meet their blackened fate.

Servants may be released from servitude by their master; should they try to escape, or leave, otherwise then they are mercilessly hunted down.

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