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 Death's Scythe, Weapon | Character Item | WIP
Ichabod Von Stein
 Posted: Apr 26 2018, 09:11 AM
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Horseman of the Apocalypse

Death's Scythe
Product Information

Manufacturer: Horseman of Death
Culture: Horseman of Death
Model: Edged Weapon
Type: Melee Weapon
Classification: Artifact
Cost: Invaluable
Production: Unique

Physical and Technical Specifications

    Blade: 35 inches

    Snaith: 67 inches

Weight: lbs.
Capacity: Unlimited harvested souls
Ammunition Type: None
Armaments: None
Range: Hand-to-Hand
Movement: Mobile

Physical Description

Special Features:
Death's Scythe is soul-bound to the Horseman of Death. It can be considered an extension of his existence.
Miscellaneous Equipment:
Known to be one of the most powerful weapons to have existed, Death's Scythe has the capability of rendering the life of any being. This includes those that are thought to be indestructible; even the other Horseman, including Death himself. While it may render their mortal existence, it does not truly destroy their being as they are eternal.


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