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 Jacen Skylighter, NJO
Jacen Skylighter
 Posted: Sep 11 2017, 11:36 PM
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New Jedi Order

Jacen Skylighter
New Jedi Order
Logan Lerman
Personality & Description

Jacen's slim, yet muscular body stands 5'8 ft and weighs 140 pounds. He has fair skin and only has hair growing on his head, underarms and nether regions. He also has blue eyes and the hair on his head is short, yet thick. His casual clothes consists a black light jacket made from poly taffeta that has a pocket on each breast. The jacket itself is usually open revealing a white t-shirt and around his waist is a black utility belt. He also wears black pants and black boots. When dresses formally as a Jedi, his attire consists of a black jump suit with a mandarin collar and black boots. Over it, he wears a black sleeveless tunic and wears a utility belt that carries his lightsaber and other equipment.

Jacen is a kind and selfless young man that is willing to risk his life to protect others. He is typically mild mannered and can be naive at times due to his lack of experience in the galaxy. His sense of humor is dry as he typically delivers deadpan jokes and he can be quite sarcastic at times. As a Jedi, he follows the philosophy of the living Force believing that the Force is beyond anyone's understanding and takes comfort in the fact that he's in the hands of something greater and better than he can imagine. Despite his mild mannered nature, Jacen has another side of himself that comes out when he is in control of a ship or speeder. As a pilot, Jacen is very confident in his abilities to the point where he's borderline arrogant as he can back this up with skill and natural intuition. Because of this, the thought of danger doesn't enter his mind as he preforms a death defying feat or something so risky that no other sane pilot would do it.

Force Abilities & Other Skills


-Single Phase Lightsaber(Blue, Synthetic Crystal, Waterproof Casing)

-Grappling Spike Launcher



-Glow Sticks

-nutrition capsules


-A-Wing(painted dark blue and white)

Lightsaber Forms: Jacen is a Djem So specialist that uses the defensive maneuvers of Soresu and acrobatics of Ataru making it a very versatile style. This versatility allows Jacen to rely on his instincts and intuition instead of the typical rote responses pressing the assault like a typical Djem So practitioner. Overall, his Djem So can be best described as conservative, though he will press the assault if the situation demands it. He also uses the Force to enhance the speed and power of his blade work and uses Force pushes when feels that he can't break through a person's defenses.

Force Powers: Despite being a padawan with only two years of training, Jacen possesses an immensely strong connection to the Force as his body was create through the manipulation of midi-chlorians.

-Telekinesis(push,pull, throw)

-Force Jump

-Force Speed

-Enhance Attribute

-Force Barrier

-Force Sense


-Battle Precognition


-Force Visions(has no control)

-Force Heal(limited to self)


-Talented Pilot


Darth Vaner was a member on the Sith Council who spent most of his time studying the relationship between the Force and midi-chlorians in hope that this insight would give him an edge over his peers. And after decades of research, the 70 year old Sith Lord learned how to manipulate midi-cholirans giving him the ability to create, maintain and save life. Theorizing that someone created through this technique would have immense Force potential, Vaner decided to create such a being so that the Sith would have a a decisive edge over the Jedi. Using a slave named Sera Skylighter, Vaner created fetus in her without her knowledge and he was of course happy about his success believing that the child would become the Sith'ari. Unfortunately for Vaner, he would never see this child as his apprentice managed to kill him in his sleep for his Council position unaware of the child he created.

Upon learning of Vaner's death, some of his slaves attempted to rebel believing that they stood a chance against the less experienced apprentice. Unfortunately, they were wrong and during the chaos of the slaughter, Sera Skylighter managed to leave the planet by sneaking onto a ship that was going to leave the planet. The ship ended up on the planet Taris to pick up a shipment of Tarisian ale which was something that Vaner enjoyed to drink on occasion. Sera would then sneak off the ship and managed to get a job as a waitress after the owner of the cantina, Alex Darkfighter learned of her origins as a slave to the Sith. On top of providing a job, he allowed Sera to live in the space above his cantina. It wasn't before long that Sera discovered that she was pregnant and even went to a doctor to make sure as she was still a virgin.

After discussing this with the doctor, the two rationalized that another must have had sex with her while she was asleep since all of the slaves slept together in the slave quarters. And while she was horrified at this possibility, she couldn't bring herself to have an abortion feeling that the baby was just an innocent in all of this. During her pregnancy, Sera began to date Alex and the two fell in love very quickly with Alex being very supportive of her decision. Eventually, she gave birth to a baby boy she named Jacen and as Darth Vaner predicted, he was born with an abnormally high midi-chlorian count. Despite not being his father, Alex raised the boy as if he was his own and when Jacen was 2, Alex married Sera and had a baby girl they named Lana. Like most siblings, Jacen and Lana really never got along as the two got on each other's nerves with Lana hating the fact that he had an unusual amount of luck.

When Jacen was 10, he began question why he didn't share Alex's last name as he had always believed that the man that he had called dad was his biological father. So his mother explained to him that Alex wasn't his actual dad and that someone else was. Naturally, he asked who was his actual father and after a long pause, she told him that she didn't know. Sensing that his mother was telling the truth, Jacen believed her and Alex assured the boy that he would always think of him as his son. When Jacen was 15, he began swoop racing with his friends for fun and it wasn't before long that he realize that he was very good at it. This was due to a combination of natural talent and his Force sensitivity which gave him enhanced reflexes and the ability to see things before they even happened. Which allowed him to pull off death defying stunts with ease in races which would get the average racer killed.

When he was 16, he entered his first race against other professionals with one of the professionals being a Jedi Ace that was born on Taris and was a swoop racer before joining the Order. Being a local hero, Jacen looked forward to testing his racing abilities against him and managed to beat the Jedi by a slim margin. Feeling his powerful connection to the Force, the Jedi Ace introduced himself to Jacen and congratulated him on his victory. He would then pull the boy to somewhere private and told him of his connection to the Force and suggested that he should train to become a Jedi Knight. Ecstatic about the fact that he had the potential to be part of a order of heroes with mystical powers, he told the Jedi Ace that he would love to join the Jedi Order. He would then head back home and told his family the news. Initially, they weren't too pleased that he made such a decision that he made such an important decision without consulting them first.

But they expressed their happiness as he could do a great deal of good in the galaxy. After saying goodby to his parents, he went to Tython to start his Jedi training. Being created through the manipulation of midi-chlorians, Jacen was a natural talent which worried some of his teachers as the first prodigy the New Jedi Order ever trained briefly turned to the dark side. To prevent this and to humble, the teachers would usually have him try to demonstrate a more advanced application of what he had just learned at the end of class. Which of course he would usually fail with the teachers commenting that a Jedi Knight would be able to do this. And when he did meet their high expectations, he wasn't praised. Instead, they would comment on how there was still room to improve his technique as a Jedi's training is never over. It has been two years since Jacen arrived on Tython and has been able to reach a state of power and skill that would normally take at least a decade worth of training.

Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Sep 22 2017, 09:46 AM
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