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 Ranks & Advancement
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Mar 7 2015, 09:57 PM
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Ranks & Advancement
SW:U has an Out of Character three-tier ranking system to help members recognize what level a character is considered on an In Character basis. In the instance of Force Factions these are also recognized as an actual rank, i.e. Knight, Master. As factions are added to the galaxy, this list is subjected to update. Each faction will also have their own specific In Character ranks which will be detailed in their own overview.

All characters begin at the lowest rank. Exceptions being an approved rank transfer from another community.
Specific conditions must be met before Out of Character promotions are given as this community is story driven.

All characters must be apart of faction in order to advance to the next rank.

☩ ☩ ☩

Force Factions:
Level III: Master
Level II: Knight
Level I: Apprentice (Sith), Padawan (Jedi), Acolyte (Witch), Zealot (Dark Jedi), Seeker (Krath), Rookie (Palawin)

Non Force Factions
Level III: Neutral Elite
Level II: Neutral Adept
Level I: Neutral Initiate
☩ ☩ ☩

Minimum Requirements:
* Tenure at this rank: Two weeks (minimum) - One Month (maximum)
* One introduction and/or training thread
* One duel or interaction thread with a member of a another faction
* Two character development threads (can include missions or bounties)
* One faction roleplay
* Completed trials (Force Users) or mission (Non Force Users) thread at faction discretion
* Overall general faction participation

Who is responsible for the character promotion:
The character's trainer/master

Minimum Requirements:
* At least 5 months as a Knight or Adept
* Plan and lead two faction and two open roleplays
* Three character development threads
* Five faction roleplays (may include the training of lower ranks)
* Overall general faction and community participation

Who is responsible for the character promotion:
Board Administrator
** members may be nominated; this does not guarantee your character will be promoted.

Miscellaneous Information
* Keep your roleplaying threads close for they may be requested in reference to any promotions at any time
* You may not train another character of yours
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