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 Dante's Red Circle, Business establishment (WIP)
Chrono Marzullo
 Posted: Feb 27 2016, 11:54 PM
- Witches of Dathomir -
"Be here now...."
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Witches of Dathomir
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Dante's Red Circle
Establishment Basics

NAME: Dante's Red Circle

TYPE: Business – Nightclub

FOUNDER: John Wick

OWNER: Chrono Marzullo

Location: Corusant, Uscru Entertainment District (Upper Level)

Establishment Structure


• Entertainment

• Concert/Live performance Venue


•Neutral ground for Negotiation:

o Extortion

o Money Laundering

o Smuggling

o Unlicensed Explosives/Firearms/Contraband Distribution

o Illicit Trade

o Underworld partnership/ negotiations

o Assassination Contract negotiations

Establishment Members

Yeven - Manager /Chief security/2nd in Command (NPC)

Underworld Associates/Contacts:

- Lara Kasra ( Syndicate):



- Entertainment: NPC but will be Available for Wanted ads upon request

Kamakazi Club

o Bouncer/Velvet Rope Attendant: NPC

o Disc Jockey/DJ: NPC

o Bartenders/Barkeeps: NPC

o Servers: NPC

Cerberus Pit


o Cleaners/Enforcers: NPC

o Disc Jockey: PC(Available for Wanted ads)

o Bartenders/Barkeep: NPC

o Servers: NPC

o Exotic Dancer/Entertainers: NPC

o Translators: NPC

o Gambling Pit :

o Pit boss: NPC

o Attendants: NPC

Establishment Synopsis

On the Continental, an upscale hotel that once exclusively caters to the wealthy patrons that visit Corusant Opera House. Originally established on Corusant by its founding proprietor named John Wick who after had later been killed in a freak speeder accident. The club was then later seizing by the local government due to some outstanding tax debts found on the property. Was then later put on the auction block and bought off by a mysterious buyer named "Baba Yaga". One of many pseudo names Chrono Marzullo used for his dummy corporation and after putting in quite an extensive renovation. Turn the establishment into a nightclub renamed it Dante's Red Circle

Reopen it to the public as one the newest upscale clubs in town renamed Dante's Red Circle .Draw in crowd every night, inside it was then further subdivided into two separate business entities. Where in the upper above ground Legal establishment was renamed Kamakazi Club. Where in patrons wearing seem stylish yet Av anti guard colorful cloth of the latest fashion partied the night away. While those on the lower ground that housed the illegal establishment was renamed Cerberus Pit. Where in patrons wearing seem stylish clean yet stylish suits or dress conducted their business in the establishment. That exclusively caters to such given its fairly neutrality stand regarding such matter, with in keeping with its house cardinal rule that no outside negative business can be conducted on premises. While there the patrons can partake of such pleasure or entertainment in house. Of which provocative and quite skimpy yet elegant dress entertainers worked who for a price. Can be made to perform or do whatever one desires them to. To which in turn garner the place a seemingly alluring and charming reputation…with its proprietor going to great lengths to ensure patrons are well taken care of. And that above all the neutrality of the premise is kept and enforced at all time. As such these regulations were put into place and enforced on all staff or personnel. That at all times they were bound under strict house rules of keeping their and the patrons anonymity.

Only the first floors are available to regular patrons. The second floor is used primarily for as V.I.P lounge for the club more upscale patrons, and the third floor is the private penthouse belonging to its current owner Chrono Marzullo. Who oversees all manner of business or operation done on the premise ground. That includes the two lower levels where first top lower level is reserved as the club main supply and storage area. And second lower level is where the secret Cerberus pit is located. Access by two secured and well secretive entrance only the few in the know can access.

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Vanya Aklin
 Posted: Feb 28 2016, 07:49 AM
- Global Moderator -
Strip me of my clothes and my doubts. Undress me, undoubt me.
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Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

pending !

This Foundry submission is currently pending review. Please be advised that this does not automatically deny the submission. Contact will be made with any revisions that have been assessed.

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