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 One for the road...for the prodigal son., Past ( Chronon/Kitana)
Chrono Marzullo
 Posted: Feb 11 2016, 12:09 PM
- Witches of Dathomir -
"Be here now...."
- character age -
Knight Brother
- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

user posted image

And so it was with great care that although living with his father rule was at best insufferably tough for the young Marzullo. He no less tolerated it for as best he could for sometime till eventually with things having gone as planned. He had sort got some if not most the funding he needed and a quaint little business venture in the works over at Corellia. At which time opting with bit of fun before ship out to work get the deal finalized. That a little idea came mind where in from what little he’d gather about some his … well other kin or cousin. One in particular sort caught his fancy, that of Kitana Marzullo who for the most part had been one the few he sorts got along with. Thought it’s seem been so long ago since the two met to be exact it was well over so many season. When during one the many summer gathering in one his father’s lakeside villa. Sometime during his youth that he'd been introduced to her as his father welcome her as his guest. While she was passing thru the area having had to been invited by their family.

At any rate with a sly smirk he then set about patching thru a personal message address to her. To what at best was a blind invitation with good heaping of some good old fashion tease dare on the side. Which although he no sooner sent out and intentionally leaving out sender identity. Place enough in it to hopefully peak her interest and curiosity. State the meet be on Zentron at a place called the Kaleidoscope….just before happy hour started over by one the private back room.

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