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 Unleashed Guidelines
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Mar 7 2015, 09:46 PM
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Star Wars Unleash is an alternate universe RPG that holds the rating of 3-3-3.

Only those who are 18+ are permitted to join the community. Members enter the site at their own risk and are responsible for their own participation.

Violence, sexual situations, and mature language is permitted. Threads must be labeled with [M] in the title. Sexual content is permitted - pornographic writing is not.
General Site Related
Characters must be registered first and last name with proper capitalization.

Every Character must have a separate account. We do not have OOC accounts here.

Applications need to be completed within two weeks or they will be archived.

Image claims are on a first come first served basis. Any playby claims listed for site canons can not be claimed.

Respect your fellow members, Staff, and guests. There is zero tolerance here. OOC vs IC is a line that becomes blurred, so keep those separate.
General Roleplaying Information
Post Content should be written in Third Person past tense, and longer than one sentence.

Godmodding - Metagaming - Powergaming are all unacceptable here. Any usage of these will be quickly addressed.

Canon Species information may be expanded and elaborated on by the writer who wrote that species first on SWU. Especially in times of limited information.

Canon Belongings must be obtained within a thread. The only exception are those grandfathered in or transferred to SWU as long as they do not conflict with any items already claimed.
Ranks & Force Abilities
All Characters begin with a basic rank (Apprentice, Padawan, etc). Exceptions include rank transfers or approval from the SWU Administrator.

Abilities & Skills must be used within the rank of the Character. Banned and Restricted powers can be found here.

Faction Membership is required. Promotions will not be given unless Characters are within one of the listed factions.
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