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 Livena Dangerously, Biologist | Mutant | Terrorist
Livena Dangerously
 Posted: Dec 28 2015, 11:21 PM
Lady Decay
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Paige Olivia Church
Livena Dangerously
Lady Decay
Mutant Human
The Krath
The Syndicate
Former Microbiologists
Former Epidemiologist
Former Virologist
Terrorist (Labeled)
Rose McIver
Personality & Description

Wanted: Paige Olivia Church

Miss Church is a Human Female born from Deltooine. She stands 5’3 (1.6 m) She had Blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin. It is believed her hair may have become platinum or grayed. Her eyes may now shift between there natural green and blood shot red. Her Skin tone maybe pale almost albino or grayish in tint.

If you see this woman do not approach she is carrying a deadly virus that is contagious. Because of the virus she is carrying she may be prone to fits of rage that seemingly give her superhuman strength and agility.

She is an extremely smart and resourceful woman who has evaded capture thus far. She4 is not to be under estimated. All law enforcement is advised if the woman is located to call their nearest disease centers on how to best handle the situation.

She may come off witty, sarcastic, empathetic, or friendly however she is a very dangerous woman. Authorities should be contacted immediately. Not she has also been known to possess occasional odd personality disorders outside her Rage or subdued personality.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Internal Memo On Paige Olivia Church:

It is not known how much the virus has mutated her DNA. Other than the need to consume Flesh sentient beings living or Deceased. Without it the subject Miss Church gets more aggressive and more regressive in her personality. The Lack of sentient seems to slowly deteriorate her mind. She needs to feed at a rate of at least once every two weeks. Going without eating flesh of a sentient person over a mouth could cause irreparable brain damage.

However, despite that need, the Subject Miss Church because of the virus when consuming the flesh seems to take on traits temporarily of the subjects she has consumed. There are no signs any of these traits are permanent. We believe this may be Force related.

Force sensitivity: possible (needs more conclusive study.)

Miss Church is a biologist Mainly pertaining to: Microbiology, Epidemiology, and Virology.

Virus related adaptations (possibly force related): Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Drain Knowledge (when consuming flesh, temporary affect.), Slowed Aging.


Info related to Subject Paige Olivia Church:

Miss Church was born on Deltooine in the Corporate Sector, under the name Paige Olivia Church in the Fuller Hospital in Michan City of Deltooine. She is the daughter of Gunther Harris Church and Sandy Olivia (Farthur) Church. She has one older Brother Crash Ryder Church and a younger sister Justine Lilly Church.

Gunther Church ran a Grocery store up until his disappearance two weeks ago. Gunther Church is presumed dead at the hands of Paige Church.

Sandy Church was a school teacher up until her disappearance two weeks ago. She is presumed dead at the hands of Paige Church.

Crash Church died in the line of duty as part of the cooperate sector authority military three years ago.

Justine Church Student disappeared two weeks ago. Presumed dead at the hands of Paige Church.

No Other family is known.

Miss Church Employment record is currently being withheld by the government or corporation she was working for. All information on the virus and the woman who is carrying it were released to the authorities through secure channels. We know she was working in a lab when she came in contact with the virus and then fled. She may have intentionally given herself the virus it is not clear. We know that the virus can be spread via contact with her blood and through her salvia. Possibly other bodily fluids.

The authorities are classifying her as a living breathing biological weapon and therefore she is a terrorist.

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Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jan 1 2016, 09:33 AM
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accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Non Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.

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