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 When The Light Fades, Castor Devane | [M]
Savannah Skye
 Posted: Dec 9 2015, 10:29 AM
- The Sith Empire -
They used to shout my name. Now they whisper it.
- character age -
Neutral Adept | Sith Master
- ooc rank -
The Syndicate
- faction -

The silhouette of a woman moved across the room, stumbling and struggling to remain upon legs that felt like jello. Clothes were discarded on the floor, leaving a trail to the bathroom where she then slumped against the countertop, knocking bottles and brushes to the ground. There was blood dripping from a nasty stab wound on her abdomen, staining the sink and the cupboards and glistening on her pants.

Savannah groaned in pain as she forced herself to stand. For a long moment she stood half naked in front of the mirror, staring at the angry gash that continued to bleed. The knife used had been thrown aside when she entered the building but she could tell from looking at the wound that the blade was serrated. That irritated her. She had gotten too comfortable, been overconfident and now was paying the price.

She moved out of the bathroom and collapsed onto the bed when standing became too difficult. Savannah couldn’t recall how exactly she’d gotten here, or why, of all the places she could have gone, she had come here; to the home of Castor Devane. She wanted to be angry. She wanted to scream at herself for seeking him out.

Castor was like a virus. He had poisoned and tainted her until she could not rid herself of him. Savannah wanted to rage and destroy things, to hurl pictures and break his furniture, but she was much too tired and in too much pain. More than anything else she just wanted to rest. She shoved her blaster beneath one of the pillows before drawing another to her chest. She hadn’t even cared that she was getting blood in his bed.

Having settled beneath the covers she buried her face into the pillow, and managed to take a deep breath despite the pain. She drew the scent of him deep in her lungs and was disgusted by how much it comforted her.

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