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 The Dead Walk Among Us, NTTLD Main Storyline Thread
Sage Seidon
 Posted: Oct 4 2015, 09:48 PM
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The main storyline thread for Night Of The Techno Living Dead is here: The Dead Walk Among Us

It will begin in the immediate area of Alderaan Memorial Hospital, but the story will not end there. It may for some characters, but not for the story itself. Characters participating in this thread will be on Coruscant. Either arriving, near the quarantine, or a survivor inside the hospital.

Note: If you are in the hospital itself, it will be much more difficult for you.

The one restriction for the story, including side threads, is that once you're on Coruscant you do not leave. Not until the threat is gone. Coruscant is under emergency blockade. Ships are allowed to land at Coruscant to help but they do not leave.

The events of the Night of the Techno Living Dead are considered site canon.

Feel free to use this thread as the OOC thread.

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