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 Frequently Asked Questions
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Mar 8 2015, 11:31 AM
- Administrator -
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(Frequently Asked Questions)
If you have read all of the information in the Essentials Information section and you still need assistance, look no further!

Anything pertaining to the mechanics of joining the community.

Q. Do I have to know alot about Star Wars to join?
A. No. As long as you have read the guidelines and plot/timeline for the community, then you are ready to go.

Q. Are character applications a per-requisite to join?
A.Yes. Everyone is required to complete an application before taking part in the in-character game. You are permitted to participate out-of-character until it's completed.

Character Creation
Section dedicated to the construction of your new (or existing) character.

Q. Are there any canon characters?
A. Not at this moment. Unleashed does not allow the usage of canon characters either playable or by NPC. We allow them to be referenced in roleplaying threads and biographies, but they are completely out of play currently. The only legitimate "canons" are site specific.

Q. I would like to introduce a new species and planet that is not canon. Can I do this and how?
A. At this time, the community does not unless under specific arrangements with the Administrator. Applications for businesses are acceptable however.

Q. I would like to be the in-character leader of a faction, but it is filled by an NPC. What do I do?
A. These positions are highly sought after and take tremendous responsibly to carry out both in-character and out-of-character. Roles are filled by the development of your character through roleplaying. If you would like to make a request to fill one of the slots, send a  PM to Nirvana Decuir. Your request will be reviewed and discussed.

Q. I have a character from another community I would like to use here. Can I do a rank transfer?
A. Yes. Unleashed accepts rank transfers from other factions. Information on rank transfers may be found here; follow the rubric and provide evidence of your claim.

Q. Someone is using a Face Claim I would like. What do I do?
A. These are based on a 'first come - first served' basis. If you are really wanting to use the same playby, send a PM to that individual. However, they retain the right to accept or deny sharing the same individual as you.

Q. My character is from another community. Can I transfer their possessions?
A. Yes. However, be advised that the Administrators have the right to deny them. Credits do not grow on trees - please be sensible in the monetary assets your character has.

Q. Am I allowed to give my character a personal fleet?
A. Yes - with stipulations. Personal fleets must be gained through roleplaying here @ Unleashed. All characters begin with a maximum of three (3) ships unless otherwise discussed with an Administrator. Personal Fleets created must not be larger than the fleets of the faction your character belongs.

All things pertaining to the roleplaying aspect of Star Wars: Unleashed

Q. What are Closed and Invite threads?
A. These threads are roleplays centric to specific factions or characters. They are not allowed to be participated in unless the thread author gives permission.

Q. If I join a faction and want to switch, can I?
A. Yes. Characters are allowed to change factions at any time. However, if you are a Force User joining a Neutral faction, you will begin as a Trainee unless your character has already earned that rank at a previous community, and it was accepted in a rank transfer, or trained previously at an Unleashed faction to Adept or Elite, or your character already dual factions. And, vice verse with Neutrals joining Force factions.

Q. What are private or [M] threads?
A. Threads with these labels will display traits of the R Rating. It can include strong language, violence, or sexual themes. If this is not for you, do not read or participate in such.

Q. Can we NPC the NPC Leaders?
A. No. These characters often have their own playable character for specific plotlines. Only Faction Leaders and Admins may.

Q. Are Force Users allowed in Neutral Factions?
A. This is dependent on whether the faction permits dual membership.

Q. I want to be a Dark Jedi or a Grey Jedi. Is this allowed?
A. Dark Jedi are currently not permissible on Unleashed. Grey Jedi are allowed as long as it's remembered that Qui-Gon Jinn was a Grey Jedi, but still was apart of the Jedi order.

Q. There are alot of Force Powers. Which ones do I use?
A. Each alignment of the Force has their own abilities and techniques. The Force User groups (Jedi, Sith, Nightsisters) will be having guides for the Force Powers accessible to their members. Some will only be available for higher ranks.

The Site
Informational area pertaining to the community itself. If you have any questions please PM one of the Administrators.

Q. I hear terms such as alt padding and sockpuppeting. What do those mean?
A. These terms are used to describe the act of a writer using several of their own characters to support their own opinions, troll, or harass other members and characters.
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