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Is here They will last until July 6th. Characters destined to die in the Doomsday Event do not need to participate.

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Galactic Holonet
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Doomsday has come for the galaxy and no one is safe from the reckoning. The beginning of the end is here. The galaxy will be forever changed.

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Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 01:58 PM
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Takeovers are made available for your enjoyment and fun. They are, however, given to you by staff as a form of appreciation and drama caused by factions or an individual will result in repercussions.

If takeovers are taken for granted or abused then disciplinary action will result including but not limited to: Banning of individuals from takeovers, suspending a faction's right to initiate takeovers, stripping factions of planets, and the possibility of suspending takeovers indefinitely.
I: Only Major Factions may begin takeovers and only two per month. One at a time. Defending a faction's own territories is not countable toward this number.
-- Threads must be completed before another may begin.

II: Threads must be correctly labeled that they are a takeover. This includes the planet and Faction(s) involved.

III: Factions do not need another PC Faction/Group/Person as an opponent.
-- This only extends to if the planet is currently not owned by a Faction.
-- If the planet is occupied by another PC, that individual must be allowed to participate.

IV: Homeworlds may not be taken over under any circumstance. They may be attacked, but ultimately can not be claimed by any other group.

V: Currently claimed faction planets may not be taken over with exception to agreement by both factions. This includes "Planet Swapping".

VI: Results of a takeover may only be predetermined if the storyline makes sense.

VII: Characters may individually control no more than two planets unless given permission.
-- This does not prevent a Faction, or another Character, from trying to claim the world for their self.

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