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 The Pale Path, Force Religion
Kemoth of Asteria
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 11:41 AM
The Pale Lady of the Aster
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The Pale Path
General Information

Organization Name: The Pale Path
Classification: Force Religion Alignment/Faction: Neutral
Loyalties: The Federal Combine | Kemoth of Asteria | The Krath
Headquarters: Asteria and Tycho
Locations: The Perseriatrix Oversystem, Empress Teta, and other Krath worlds as well as Munto Codru

Sociocultural Information

Hierarchy: Ranks:
Kerraelkind - In Martgunzka, this is a word that means ‘an indentured servant more family than slave. Kerraelkind are the lowest ranking members of the Pale - which doesn’t allow slaves - but are still technically citizens.
Seeker - Named after the Padawan-equivalent rank of the Krath.
Council of the Paladins of the Gray - The Council is made up of the leaders of the Followers of the Pale Path, each of whom wields equal influence and may have a specialty in leadership and/or the Force.
Other Positions:
Archivist - The guardians of the knowledge of the Pale, their items of power, and all within their libraries and vaults. There are also those whom act as both guardian and scientist or researcher by divining things from those items, and yet others still whom crossover with the Pioners of the Pale and belong to them as well.
Harbingers of the Pale - Each of the Harbingers are named after an Influence on the Force - which is a kind of Essence, a component of the Force acknowledged by the Pale..
The Muse - In the Pale, the Muse is the Force-sourced, Force-inspired inspiration that contributes to the state of mind necessary to uncover the truth, the inspiration that helps to create drive, and creates a certain spark unavailable to others. As a Harbinger, the Muse is expected to be a powerful expression of the mind, a mentalist capable of rending many of the Pale’s foes. One must exemplify these traits to be chosen for their position as the Muse, or perhaps destiny has already chosen you.

The Heart - The Heart is the counter to the Muse. The Harbinger will be one of body, and together the Muse and the Heart will comprise the Soul. In the Pale, the Heart is a fire that is burning so that you will be driven to understand not just what you were and continue to be, but also what you will become, what the Force is, to embrace passion, and the absence of passion alike, and for the heart to be strong and possess this passion. As a Harbinger, as said, the Heart is the counter to the Muse, and comprises the Soul with it, acting as the body rather than the mind.

The Abomination - In the Pale, the Abomination is that which helps to balance out the Balance, perhaps possessing balance itself, but also possessing a great imbalance by nature. This imbalance is most likely to show itself in the Harbinger, who will have an imbalance or be an abomination by being something unnatural like Kemoth is, or unnatural as Kemoth is not, such as a monstrosity of the Force, or any other number of things.

The Balance - In the Pale, the influence of the Balance can manifest as a balance in understanding, or a balance in yourself, or perhaps in the Force, that allows you to see past the Glare and overcome it as well as your prejudices to embrace the truth of the Force. The Harbinger will exemplify these traits, countering the Abomination. Together with the Abomination, the Balance creates the Twilight.

The Second Coming - There are only four Harbingers of the Pale Lady, so this fifth spot is special. Designed to develop organically ICly, the Second Coming of the Pale Lady is exactly what you would expect from the sound of it. An heir, reincarnation, the chosen one. It doesn't matter how you see it, or what form this Harbinger will come in, but the Revelations received from the Force have foretold of the Second Coming. Perhaps, the Second Coming lives even now. The Second Coming could be your closest friend, your mother, young, old, human or very inhuman, or something in-between.
Missionary - Missionariers are members of the Pale whom are given a specific task or job not covered by ranks or other positions.
Pioneer of the Pale - The spreading of the Pale, recruitment, and the gathering of knowledge for the Pale are the most ordained missions of the religions, and the Pioneers are meant to fulfill it well whether that means by traveling and learning from other Force religions or stealing knowledge, though the former is preferable.
The Society of the Valravn - They are your CEOs, your doctors, your friends, your daughters, and your wives. The Ravens of the Dead are all-female clandestine operatives trained in everything from martial arts, to piloting, to slicing, to weapons operation, to seduction. They are elite soldiers whom answer to the Grandmaster directly. Deadly and capable, they also predate the Pale.
Culture: Various
Religion/Doctrines: The Pale, as it is a religion/Force belief itself, but many combine their religions with the Pale as it is frequently compatible unless one belongs to a strict offshoot sect with far more rules.
Other Information: N/A
| | THE PALE | |

The Force is not a simple thing, and it is incapable of being truly simplified by mortals and immortals both, but is very much capable of being broken up into puzzle pieces from various cultures and organizations - dead and strong, alike - thus creating a sense of confusion in the Force that we call the Glare. The Glare is the single greatest threat to whether or not a Force user of any kind will obtain true understanding and mastery of the Force, of their power, eclipsing all others to produce a fundamental part of the Force that serves as an Essence - a component of the Force - a barrier, a kind of built-in test, that will decide the very nature of who you are as a Force user. As said before, the Pale - as it is within the Force, and even as the same-named ideology - counters this threat, allowing the truth and the true nature of who you are as a Force user to be uncovered and unlocked. The Force requires several levels of enlightenment to be truly understood as the Pale allows it to be, and thus the Pale ideology takes on its namesake's nature and name so that it may stand as a beacon of truth, enlightenment, so that it may be seen as a part of the Force that may not necessarily hold those that are entirely truthful, but is instead simply a Force ideology that all shall know offers the same protection as its namesake.

Understanding the Force - that it is a Spectrum, that the Jedi and Sith, and even the enlightened Aing-Tii, were limited by the Glare - that it goes beyond the aspects of Dark and Light required a combination of things that have rarely, if ever, been in the reach of those who sought out true enlightenment, whether it be of the Pale or something else within the Force. Understanding that the Force is made up of many Essences that go beyond the Aspects of Dark and Light also required this combination, and so did the flood of understanding that came with the Pale, and that would be harnessed, added to, and developed into a proper Force ideology by Kemoth. Because of what Kemoth has done, because of her years of hard work to understand, to gather, the Pale is far easier for those she teaches to access, and the Glare far easier to pale down as needed. It will no longer take decades for such a thing to be achieved for Kemoth's students or other followers of the Pale, but rather will see the Pale given as a gift, and used as a beautiful thing - whether it be weapon or muse.

These first of things in that cocktail were the presence of four of the Influences, another kind of Essence revealed by the Pale, which are the Balance - specifically a Balance in understanding, or a balance in yourself, or perhaps in the Force, that allows you to see past the Glare and overcome it as well as your prejudices to embrace the truth of the Force - the Abomination - which helps to balance out the Balance, perhaps possessing balance itself, but also possessing a great imbalance by nature, such as being something unnatural like Kemoth is, or unnatural as Kemoth is not, such as a monstrosity of the Force, or any other number of things - the Muse - the Force-sourced, Force-inspired inspiration that contributes to the state of mind necessary to uncover the truth, the inspiration that helps to create drive, and creates a certain spark unavailable to others - and, lastly, the Heart - where a fire needs to be burning so that you will be driven to understand not just what you were and continue to be, but also what you will become, what the Force is, to embrace knowledge, passion, and the absence of passion alike, and for the heart to be strong and possess this passion.

It also required hard work, going beyond simply possessing the Influences so that what the Influences gave Kemoth, so that what Kemoth had within her that had invited the Influences could be applied. Kemoth knew that she could no longer sit by without the wisdom of understanding. So she did exactly what someone like her would do in this situation. She sought out knowledge from multiple Force beliefs. Kemoth uncovered ancient ruins and archives, and worked to translate what was uncovered. Yet, furthermore, it also required the wisdom of experience, and natural innate traits - much like the Influences, yet separate - that were not derived from the Force.

That is how the Pale came to be, and through gathering knowledge and peoples is how the Pale will grow.

| On the Spectrum of the Force |

The Pale is somewhat different in its views than is most commonly seen in the universe, especially when it comes to how it views the different sides of the Force. The Aing-Tii were the first to propose and identify the Force Spectrum, which is more of a rainbow that they are capable of harnessing and using to their advantage - thus proving its existence - and the Pale followed, albeit in a slightly different way. Kemoth's studies with the Aing-Tii led to the development of the belief that the Spectrum of the Force does, in fact, include different sides of the Force, in addition to Hues, not to mention the standard Shades of the Force that the Aing-Tii believed in. This was a necessary area for the Pale to be developed in, and is, in fact, part of where the Pale developed its name from. The Pale is a part of the Spectrum, though it is not - under any circumstances - the only part of the Spectrum that the Pale draws upon.

Understanding the Spectrum required a combination of learning from multiple Force beliefs, as well as the wisdom and experience of age, and a certain spark not available to others. This is why races like the Aing-Tii, and Force Orders like the Jedi or Sith suffered from what the Pale refers to as the Glare. The Glare is a limiting of view and understanding caused by the "glare" from one's culture or otherwise the land one hailed from, some kind of ignorance, a simple inability to perceive the Spectrum yourself because you have yet to master your own use of the Force or have more difficulty thanks to being one of the Borrowers or the Learned. The Aing-Tii are those that have the least issues with the Glare, among the Force orders that suffer from the problems it causes. That seems to have been advantageous in Kemoth's studies, in the development of the Pale as an ideology.

The Shades of the Force that make up the Spectrum each hold their own unique attributes, as well as their own Force powers, and some of the Shades or their Hues may in fact contribute to certain, small sections of the Force, such as the unique abilities of a single crystal. Some Shades of the Spectrum are not in fact Shades - as the Aing-Tii seem to have been confused by - but Hues that many of the Aing-Tii were not necessarily capable of identifying. Hues are reflections, mergings, even different versions of the Shades that have their own unique attributes separate from what the Aing-Tii usually saw. They are not capable of being used without being perceived, same as much of the Shades, allowing followers of the Pale to acquire knowledge and capability in the Force more easily than their peers.

| On The Pale in the Spectrum and the Embracing of the Gray |

The Pale is not necessarily an Aspect of the Force, known to be true because of those ancient deity-like beings - the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Daughter - but is instead a kind of hybrid of an Aspect and a Composite, while simultaneously serving the role of an Enlightenment and other kinds of Essences. It is one of the most potent presences in the Force, hidden by built-in mechanisms such as the Glare that insure Enlightenment will only be acquired and passed on by those who truly deserve it, such as the Force order that predates Kemoth by millennia and was destroyed by the Rakata.

The Gray is not necessarily one of the Aspects of the Force, but rather is a rare Composite meant to be harnessed through knowledge of different sides of the force, which means that it is a composite of multiple Aspects of the Force that have combined to form something entirely different and is not necessarily harnessed in and of itself. It is known to be linked directly to Universal powers, as well as the Gray Jedi. It helps to form part of the foundation that the Pale ideology draws upon.

| On Passion and Aggression |

The Followers of the Pale Path believe that two of the more extreme religions in the Force - the Jedi and the Sith - have been misdirected by centuries of conflict that started off as a civil war between two groups that were once an organization, a religion, that believed in following the great balance of the Force. The Jedi teach that passion and aggression are dangerous, pushing away both and never being the ones to strike first in war - a stance that can be dangerous when you consider the value of preemptive strikes and the hypocrisy of an organization that shuns those things and once committed the genocide of an entire species because they aggressively target everything that they disagree with and destroy it, even when it is a small child. The Sith, on the other hand, teach the opposite, and educate their followers that fully embracing aggression and passion are the best route to take when it comes to dealing with foes and enemies, sometimes striking first in rather stupid manners. The Pale Path teaches that there is no success without a moderation of both, and that there are times to strike first, and moments to only defend - the latter such as when the threat is not large enough to have earned a large-scale reaction when such a large-scale reaction might threaten the Followers elsewhere. In this galaxy, it is irrational to be a pacifist unless you are similar to the Aing-Tii for, other than them, you will most likely find yourself subjugated; bordering on a pacifist is unlikely as well, and the Pale expects its followers to be capable of at least defending themselves and their family. Aggression is not expected to be committed irrationally, however. Everything has a purpose, but there are times that anger can be forgiven. Rage is a part of the Pale, after all.

Family, emotional connections, and martial combat seem to be involved in matters of passion and aggression. The Pale Path does not shun family nor emotional connections. It does, however, bar the abuse of family members and those one is emotionally connected to. In terms of martial combat, the Pale does not bar the use of any type of weapon. In fact, there are Followers that use firearms, and those that are fully unarmed and don’t use any weapons whatsoever.

| On the Naturals, the Learned, the Created, the Borrowers, and the Ulteriors |

The Aing-Tii were not wrong when they came to the understanding that not even those traditionally void of the Force were unable to access its field, to access the Spectrum, for it is available to all. It is a part of all, and one's Force-sensitivity or the seeming lack of it is not so simple as the number of midi-chlorians that a person has in their blood. Whether or not one is Force-sensitive seems to be irrelevant in the face of the power of the Pale - in the face of true enlightenment. Followers of the Pale know that there are at least five types of Force users, all with their own unique origins. The primary types are the Naturals, the Learned, the Borrowers, and the Ulteriors, with all four types being present in any true order that follows the teachings of the Pale, while the Created are a rarer, but still-able-to-be-found type of Force user.

Naturals are known by an infinite number of names around the galaxy and the universe, from Force-sensitive to the Beyond, and are the most common type of Force user that you will find. Found in nearly every Force order, save for the ancient Followers of Palawa that were studied to bring more Learned into the fold, Naturals can be both the most powerful and most versatile Force users that you can find, with truly eclipsing a powerful Natural user of the Force being especially difficult (though the benefits are widespread). Generally the only Force users sought out by the Jedi and the Sith - who might not even be aware of the other three types that the Pale has revealed to Kemoth and her followers so far - Naturals have created, retained, and perpetuated most of the knowledge regarding the Force. Born into being a Force user, Force-sensitivity for Naturals seems to come "easily" when compared to the other types of Force users. That does not mean they are superior, however, and this is frequently reiterated during the lessons of the Pale that Kemoth and her more experienced followers provide.

Through the archives of and stories about the Followers of Pallawa as well as direct contact with some surviving members, and through the teachings of the Aing-Tii, even through simple stories, standing in the face of the galaxy - its naysayers, open-minded, and uncaring alike - is the existence of a second type of Force user. The Learned are only capable of manifesting their power in the Force through the most enlightened of Force ideologies and beliefs, for it is only those that are capable of teaching the harnessing of midi-chlorians that otherwise would never be used by these hard-working Force users. The Learned are not born with Force-sensitivity, but instead acquire the ability to use the Force by doing exactly what their name describes - becoming learned in the ways of the Force so that they may harness it. The Learned are not as common as naturals, and are probably rarer than the Created (at some points in time, but that can change), but are more common than the Borrowers and Ulteriors. Those Learned in the ways of the Force are not extremely powerful unless they work harder than the Naturals, or somehow enhance their Force powers through Altrusian crystals or Kyber crystals embedded in their weapons, but this doesn't make them push overs. Despite their midi-chlorian count when compared to the 2,000 count average of the average Jedi, they are still capable of combating the average and even the above average at times. It is simply more difficult for them to harness their power. The Learned come about through intense meditation to unlock the power within them, through enlightenment that allows them to use the Force outside of meditation. The Learned can overcome the limitations of their midi-chlorian count to become as strong as the monks of the Aing-Tii, making them dangerous foes for the Learned who strike down their enemies, and dangerous targets for those who strike out against the Learned who would never harm another unless in the immediate defense of themselves or another.

It was with the actions of a Dark Lord of the Sith, and a Sith Alchemist with a liking for droids that the galaxy's foremost examples of the created were thrust into existence. Palpatine's (AKA Darth Sidious') brilliant, yet ill-intentioned experiments with midi-chlorians and the Force made ground-shattering breakthroughs in our understanding of the Force, and the creation of lightly Force-sensitive clones enhanced by Altrusian crystals that were perhaps the first of the Created. Then there was the use of Sith Alchemy to create what some may consider an abomination - a droid that, through its alchemized nature, is capable of harnessing the might of the Force. The created come about in any number of ways, and in any number of forms. Their rarity increases and decreases depending on the actions of those within the galaxy, sometimes eclipsing the number of the Learned, and other times being next to non-existent. In Force Orders that aren't the one they were created by, however, they tend to be rarer than the Learned in general. With their power dependent on their creation process, and whether or not they have become enhanced through Altrusian crystals, the Created could be more versatile in power level than the Naturals, albeit much rarer. With some being Force-sensitive but having below average Midi-chlorians for a Force-sensitive, and others being droids with average power, while some others might be exceptionally powerful beings, they are as much of a Spectrum as the Force, with the capacity to cover races and species normally incapable of being Force-sensitive by allowing the harnessing of the Force through their maker. Unique, yes. Extremely common? Probably not.

Two main types of what the Followers of the Pale Path call ‘Borrowers’ are known to exist in the Galaxy, the others either subtypes or theoretical: they are the partial and the full. Partial Borrowers are the most common and come in types ranging from Anzati to practitioners of Sith Sorcery. They draw only a portion of their full strength from other sources, such as through people, items, or even materials. It is these individuals that aree rarer in the circles of those with the bearing of the light, and those with the bearing of the darkness are most common. Full Borrowers take things a step further and become quite dangerous - in most circumstances - by taking all of their power from sources that aren’t themselves. The ways to do this are rare - unimaginably so. They are also more common in the circle of darkness than in the light for the ways not of evil to become a full Borrower are as few as the specks of Isotope-5 among the stars.

| On Offshoots of the Pale |

There are several offshoots of the Pale, and more that could develop (ICly, or otherwise by the player base) over time, all of which serve a different purpose. Whether they be extremists who believe access to the Pale and its enlightenment should be limited, hidden from most of the galaxy by protecting the sanctity of and even perpetuating the Glare, sometimes even through violence or those whom believe that those enlightened by the Pale should rule over those whom are not or those whom have created more structure and harsher rules, they are there. Present always, fighting and railing against each other, or living in peace, separate from the extremists and those who lash out at the world or those who disagree with them. This is because the Pale does not make people good, or bad. Like the Force, the Pale has variety. It does, however, have more unity. The core beliefs of the Pale do not necessarily change extremely heavily, as after a point the enlightenment will stop being enlightenment, and the Glare will return. Even the extremists mentioned haven't caused the Glare to return to cloud their view.

Historical Information

Far before the current year - even before the current calendar - on the planet of Asteria, the people of light had risen to be the dominant force for many sectors surrounding them. Highly sophisticated, they formed a Confederacy of Aster for them and under them in a slice of history a bit smaller than the history of the Aster as a whole. The Confederacy Era was a golden age for even the lower echelons of society, with even the poorest able to make lavish shows of wealth that the wealthy of other planets showed - a status now withheld from all but a handful of major cities. It was in this atmosphere that the Glare first fell and the Pale was glimpsed. It made the Confederacy feel even more powerful than before - the wise race of Aster dangerously underestimating themselves as new foes rose up on the other side of the galactic canyon.

The Je’daii and Rakata waged war against one another in epic battles across the stars - each as vicious as the battles of Endor and Yavin, and each swaying the war to one side or the other. Caught in between was the nation just spoken of, as it refused to pick a side and had an equally stubborn refusal to surrender to any, seeing to it that they hosted a defense against each party. First the Outer Colonies fell, and then came the fall of the Settled Worlds, and lastly the Imperial Sphere. A war against both parties for a nation so small compared to its massive enemies - no matter her sophistication - had been foolhardy. The Cataclysm was a Reckoning of Rakata that tore apart all expectations and aspirations that the Pale had given the Confederacy, whom possessed technology more akin to that of the Gree than anything else at this point in time. Every trace of the Pale was destroyed, left to rise up again in another day.

In 77 ABY, a journey of exploration and self-discovery was started by a woman with quite the story to tell, and by then the story of that woman had just gotten its start when it came to being packed full of exciting details. Stripped of the rank of Jedi High Councilor, forced onto the run, and being pursued by her old friends because her use of the Force was deemed extreme did not seem to do much in stopping Kemoth of Asteria, especially seeing as how the Jedi High Council eventually withheld all further hunts after a while. Seeking asylum among the Aing-Tii, Kemoth found herself protected and preparing to undergo their tutelage. For the next 20 years, Kemoth would travel the galaxy in search of knowledge - some she stored away, such as the knowledge of the Shapers of Krovar, for her students or a later day of personal discovery - as she rid herself of the Glare and came to conquer the Pale. The Coming of Kemoth gave to the Pale what the Rakata had stolen from it - life itself, plentiful and ever-evolving.

Of course, Kemoth’s cluster on Asteria and Tycho, receiving her knowledge in the Pale, would see it spread first through her species. Over the following 18 years, the Pale Path would establish itself in the Federal Combine and beyond. Compatible with dozens of different religions, it could easily intertwine with the societies found around the Galaxy. Perhaps it will.


Kemoth of Asteria

Nirvana Decuir
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The organization petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other groups and the application moved to the approved section.

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