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 Rhogar Norixius
Rhogar Norixius
 Posted: Apr 1 2016, 12:28 PM
- Members -
With swords for teeth and skin of steel, with arrowed claw and poisoned heel. The Beast will grow and spread its wings, destroying rogues and making Kings.
- character age -
- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

Rhogar Vrosh Norixius
Tabor V
Nightbrother Acolyte
Witches of Dathomir
Voodoo Priest
Dragon Priest (Elder Scrolls)
Personality & Description

Rhogar Norixius is a mystery wrapped in a riddle. He is silent, with a broken psyche. He can be calm and quiet, and is tpically observant of others but beneath this behaviour is a simmering pool of deceit, cruelty and lies.

He is unpredictable and violent, often perceived by strangers as otherworldly and a harbinger of death. Rhogar is fascinated by small, simple things, as well as taboo practices. He hums to himself, and on the rare occasions he does speak, it is in riddles or misinformation.

Strengths: Bold; Confident; Clever; Cultured; Curious; Driven; Determined; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Observant; Quiet;

Weaknesses: Aloof; Cruel; Callous; Deviant; Deceitful; Machiavellian; Narcissistic; Prideful; Silence; Unpredictable;

As a Xyrass Rhogar is not tall at all, and stands at only five foot tall. He has a slender skeletal body that appears to be severely decayed, and which is deceptively strong and durable. His teeth are incredibly sharp, and are able to car through bone and flesh with ease.

It is difficult to leave marks of scars on what little flesh still clings to his bones. Within his darkened sockets are a pair of silver hues that gleam with malice and curiosity. Rhogar does not grow facial hair or hair on his head, and when he does speak, albeit it rarely, it is in deep, raspy tones.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Master(s): *Lilith Decuir

Elemental Specialization
- Force Shock
- Mechu-Deru
- Resist Stun
- Static Barrier I

Non-Elemental Specializations
- Blood Magick I
- Consume Essence
- Embalm
- Precognition
- Sense the Sin
- Taint
- Voodoo Doll Creation I

*Dragon Magick
- Aura
- Concussive Roar
- Dragon Empathy
- Dragonscale Armor
- Sensory Scrying
- Spell Absorption I

Shadow Magick
- Ears of The Chiroptix
- Sense of The Veshet
- Speed of The Toocha

Neutral Abilities
- Bladed Weapons
---- Daggers
---- Swords
---- Axes
- Ranged Weapons
---- Bows
---- Slings
---- Whips
- Hand to Hand Combat
- Multilingual
--- Galactic Basic Standard
--- Unknown Native Language
--- Dathomiri
--- Hapanii
--- Huttese

*Will be undergoing going training


There is none that can say when Rhogar was born, or how long he has existed in the galaxy. He is a secretive individual, and only on the rarest of occasions, and to the most trusted comrades, will he share his life story.

What is known about him is as follows. He is only of only a few Xyrass to be seen roaming the galaxy, and is viewed by many as a harbinger of misfortune. Wherever he roams chaos is sure to follow. Recently he has been seen on Dathomir, among the members of the Nightsister Coven, and in the Dragon Blood Village.

Rhogar has shown a fondness for dragons, and other mythical beasts, and has taken a liking the Dragon Magick. He intends to study such magic under the tutelage of Clan Mother Lilith Decuir.
Vanya Aklin
 Posted: Sep 24 2017, 04:09 AM
- Global Moderator -
Strip me of my clothes and my doubts. Undress me, undoubt me.
- character age -
Nightsister Master
- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.

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