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 Dariak Talesa
Dariak Talesa
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 06:57 PM
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The Syndicate

Dariak Talesa

Dar'ika. 30. Syndicate. Philip Winchester.




> Concord Dawn

IC & OOC Rank

> Initiate


> Mandalorian Warrior, mercenary, bounty hunter

Additional Information

> N/A

Personality & Description

Despite his part in the Crimson Trades and his upbringing as a Mandalorian Warrior, Dariak is often affable or at least in possession of professional courtesy. Dariak is a man who knows that not every situation can be resolved with a blaster. While not a well spoken man or a trained and experienced statesmen he does possess some charisma. At least if that's a word for being a cheeky bastard.

Like a heavily armed puppy he comes equipped with large innocence eyes which are either hidden beneath a visor or behind a scope at some point or another. Yet for all his warm charm Dariak is in possession of a rather insatiable thirst for blood (at least metaphorically), adventure and thrills.

Dariak does not do half measures. He does not snack, he feasts. He does not drink, he binges. Rather than sing he recites battle poems and war ballads nor does he make love but rut. The young warrior believes that the galaxy and all it has to offer is his for the taking; if he's bold and strong enough to claim as much as he can grasp before the inevitable death occurs. In combat he often makes himself a target; offering a distraction away from allies as he stands in the open; boldly firing at the enemy and taunting them to offer a glorious end.

His Iridonian nature has also lent him a can-do attitude that makes him believe that he can take on the galaxy no matter how tough the challenge. For better or worse

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Like all born Mandalorians Dariak was trained from a young age to fight and kill as well as to survive some of the harshest conditions that the galaxy could throw at a man. Years of fighting against dangerous bounties, mercenaries of opposing clients and warriors from various cultures has made him a deadly marksman. Time in the wilderness and bounty business have made him an effective tracker and a somewhat passable pilot as long as no fancy flying is involved. His secondary skills are vested in first aid and emergency treatment should a group require a combat medic or corpsman.


Born on Concord Dawn within the Clan Talesa compound, Dariak was raised to be a warrior. To kill without hesitation and to follow a code of honour. His parents, while loving, were tough on him and did not spare harsh treatment during training believing it to be a weakness to not experience pain and hardship early on. His education of the military skills required of all Mandalorians lasted until he was thirteen and upon passing his verd'goten he was considered a man in the eyes of the clan.

As a technical adult he could take parts in raids for riches and materials beyond Mandalorian space or fight in the warband that their clan was part of as a mercenary force. At first it was easy work for easy coin; raiding shipping lanes and fighting on behalf of the various barons, lords and petty kings that littered the Outer Rim. As time went on the wealth that Dariak had amassed grew enough until he could fund his own ventures on board his own vessel.

While he would return at the behest of his clan and the leaders of the warband when they needed every warrior, Dariak was enthralled with the idea of seeking adventure, riches and glory on his own for some periods of time. With his own starship he could at last travel the stars in search of these very things. Most of his time there was spent trying to amass a name for himself as well as keeping his venture afloat with food, ammo and fuel bought with bounty money.

He fought for anyone who'd pay as long as the fight was good. He'd track down the meanest of the mean or just those who'd put up a fight. Dariak might have sold his gun but he never sold his pride and his principles. Those were his own and to him; they were priceless.


GMT 0. Discord.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jul 7 2018, 07:46 PM
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