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 Zack Steel
Zack Steel
 Posted: Oct 27 2017, 01:20 PM
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- character age -
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The Empire
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Zack Steel
Character Alias
Character Age - 15
Gender - Male
Species - Human
Homeworld - Coruscant, Commenor (Raised)
IC Rank - TBD
OOC Rank - Initiate
Member Group - The Empire
Occupation - TBD
Play By - Anakin Solo
Personality & Description

Zack is slender in build, weighing 135 pounds and somewhat small in stature standing 5'8

Zack has always been the tougher and stronger of him and his twin brother Max. This has led to him being rather resilient when it comes to fighting particularly unarmed fighting. Growing up on the streets and taking care of his brother has helped to forge Zack into a tough individual and given him a wider understanding of the world that someone of his age wouldn’t normally have. Due in part to his upbringing Zack often tends to be rather cocky, which at times can come off as arrogant. He tends to think of himself as unbeatable or even infallible in certain situations.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Zack not force sensitive. Zack has always had a natural affinity with flying. His natural ability for flying first came to light he was young and was first taught to fly his fathers freighter. Despite not having a lot of experience with firearms, Zack is a decent shot. Due to his life on the streets Zack is fairly adept at picking locks and breaking into places undetected.


Zack Steel was born on Coruscant to Damien and Laura Steel and is the oldest of twins by ten minutes, his brother is Max Steel. During birth Zack’s mother suffered from complications and shortly after their birth she passed away.

After their birth, their father Damien decided to give up his life as a smuggler so that he could raise his boys and give them a more stable life. For the next two years Zack and Max lived on Coruscant with Damien and had what most would call a normal upbringing. It wasn’t until shortly after Zack and Max’s second birthday that Damien decided to return to smuggling.

From that day onwards, they were always traveling with Damien as he went on his smuggling trips, Zack’s life was anything but normal now, for a young boy traveling the starts and going to new planets was much more interesting than living on Coruscant. As Zack grew older he began to learn about the workings of the freighter and the nature of his father’s work. The more time that went by them more Damien began to teach his boys about the freighter, it was during this time that Zack’s natural affinity for piloting began to surface. As his skills began to grow there were even times that Damien would let Zack pilot the ship, under his watchful eye.

Shortly after their seventh birthday Zack and Max accompanied Damien on what seemed like a routine smuggling run to Commenor. After arriving on the planet, it was revealed that the meeting for the delivery was a trap, set by the Empire and the Commenor Security Force. Damien was caught and arrested by the Empire. Zack and Max were able to escape the trap and avoid being caught by any of the Empire’s or Commenor Security Patrols. With their father now gone Zack and Max found themselves alone on a strange world. Over the next seven years Zack took it upon himself to look after his brother and himself, to make sure Max was safe and cared for. At this young age Zack had taken on responsibilities that no child should have had to bear.

At fourteen after living in the streets of Commenor for seven years as little more that street kids, Zack had decided that it was time for Max and him to leave, to make their escape from Commenor. They were almost home free until they reached the star port, it was here that they were spotted by one of the Commenor Security Patrols. Being chased they found themselves with no choice but to split up. After splitting up Zack was able to avoid and out run the patrol that had chased him. Once he had escaped the patrol he attempted to find Max but was unable to, he was soon left with little choice but to stow away aboard a commercial freighter and escape the planet.

Zack was discovered shortly before the freighter reached its destination, Coruscant. Once they arrived on the planet he was thrown of off the ship. He spent hours wondering the streets of Coruscant, not really knowing what to do or where to go. He eventually found himself standing before a Sith enclave, that was on the planet at the time. At this time, he didn’t know who or what the Sith were exactly.

While at the enclave he was greeted by one of the Sith, they told Zack that they could help him if he wanted it. Zack was tired and alone and their offer of food and a bed to sleep in tempted Zack into accepting their help. He spent only a few days in the company of the Sith, it was during those few days that Zack discovered who and what the Sith really were, in a short period of time he also worked out what their intentions were for him. That was not the kind of person he was, he refused to do what they asked of him, to do the cruel and evil things that they did. He knew he had to escape least he be killed.

The escape almost cost Zack his life, he was struck by blaster fire and badly wounded but still he managed to escape. Once again, he found himself stowing away on a freighter. Four day he spent of the freighter until it came to its destination, the planet Caamas.

As badly wounded as he was, Zack fought through the pain and made his way from the star port and unknowingly stumbled upon a newly constructed Jedi enclave. As he stumbled into the enclave pain began to overtake him, his world went black and he fell unconscious before some of the Jedi. He awoke a few days later and found that his would had somehow begun the heal, though it was not yet fully healed. He soon discovered that the Jedi were similar to the Sith, their weapons, their use of the Force. Fearing that they were like the Sith, he stole away in the dead of the night and stowed away upon another freighter and left the Jedi far behind him.

After his encounters with the Jedi and Sith, Zack developed an intense distrust for Force users.

Leaving Caamas far behind, Zack set out into the Galaxy not knowing what the future would bring or if he would ever see Max again.

A year has now passed since Zack left Caamas and he finds himself on the Imperial Homeworld.
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Nov 3 2017, 09:27 AM
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Temptation is a woman's weapon and a man's excuse.
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Nightsister Master | Neutral Adept
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Witches of Dathomir
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accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Non Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.
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