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Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jan 18 2018, 12:57 PM
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Below are brief descriptions of the factions here on Star Wars Unleashed.

Existing before the dawn of time have been those responsible for ushering forth the apocalypse. The powerful entities watch the galaxy with ever watchful eyes and are responsible for much of the chaos that consumes humanity. Beneath them are their minions, those devoted to their vision of balance.


Renowned and infamous for their talents in assassination, The Dark Brotherhood is ruled by. an individual known as The Dread Queen. There are whispers amongst the galaxy that such a group does not truly exist, that it is a lie parents tell their children, that others gossip about. In truth, they are very real and those that know that truth reluctantly accept their existence out of fear. What is not known, is that the cult is organized by a group of Dark Jedi. It has been believed that the Dark Jedi have simply vanished within the galaxy without any known reason or cause.


A totalitarian theocracy, the Empire is ruled by the Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith, Savannah Skye, who upsurped the former leader, Vinyx Veleros The Sith have taken control of the majority of the Galactic Empire, now the Imperial Remnant, military infrastructure and annexed approximately half of their sovereign territory. The civilian government been replaced by a Regime ruled through Military Jingoism and the Sith Lords of the Empire. The Sith Empire stands on the verge of being the greatest power in the galaxy.

The New Jedi Order is the restored Jedi Order, reformed after the Great Jedi Purge and fall of the Galactic Empire at the hands of the Rebellion, now the New Republic. Maintaining close diplomatic ties with the New Republic, the Jedi fulfill their roles as galactic peacekeepers and diplomats from Tython, the new seat of the Jedi High Council. In addition to the Council, the Jedi is ruled by a Grandmaster whom was elected by the High Council.

Formerly an Absolute Monarchy, the Galactic Empire has been reformed into a Constitutional Monarchy with an Oligarchic Senate per the Bastion Accord. The Head of State is Emperor Travan Coldrin, whom succeeded his brother Jackar Coldrin upon his assassination during the Sith Coup. The Emperor reigns until death; Eddard Coldrin is the Emperor's son and heir. The succession laws are Agnatic Primogeniture meaning that the ruler's first born male is heir to the throne. When there are no viable heirs, per the Bastion Accord, the law changes to Elective Inheritance where members of the Senate elect a new Emperor among their own ranks.

Many aspects of the government have been changed due to the signing of the Bastion Accord. The Bastion Accord is a Bill of Rights for the ancient noble families of the Empire's star systems. It primarily restores the Senate and limits the absolute power of the Emperor. After the assassination of Emperor Jackar Coldrin during the Sith Coup, the new Emperor Travan Coldrin signed the Bastion Accord on the planet Bastion in order to retain his power.


The Hapes Consortium is the ruling government of the Hapes Cluster. A hereditary monarchy based on the capital world of Hapes, it rules over the region in isolation since before 3000 BBY, protected by the Transitory Mists. Spanning 63 closely positioned star systems, each with an inhabited world, the Hapan economy is strong and self-reliant without the need of outside trade.

The Queen Mother Tanith Arceneau rules the Consortium from here seat of power, the Fountain Palace on Hapes. The title of Queen Mother is hereditary, passed down from mother to daughter. If the Queen Mother failed to have daughters, the wife of the firstborn son became Queen Mother. The great importance of the Queen Mother means that any threats made against her are grounds for immediate execution.


A Parliamentary Federal Republic, the New Republic is led by Chief of State Vellora Veltaris, and like it's predecessor is often simply referred to as the Republic. The New Republic was founded on the same principle that the old Galactic Republic was thousands of generations before, to have a representative parliamentary body govern the galaxy in a fair and equal manner, and it was designed to eradicate the shortcomings that brought about the Galactic Republic's downfall.


A criminal organization whose ambition is rivaled by none, the Syndicate is led by the illusive Patrinus from one of the busiest centers of crime in the galaxy Nar Shaddaa. A collection of 73 conquered crime families, the Syndicate is the greatest criminal empire in recorded history. The last bastion of competition lies in the Hutt Empire, but soon even the Hutts will answer to the authority of their new masters.

The Krath is the secret society hidden in the Shadows that rules over the Tetan Empire. The Empress herself is seated at head of the council of Krath’s table. They seek knowledge, technology, and Ancient artifacts to gain power to shape the universe ion their own image. Hiding this knowledge away from the unclean and undeserving. Through shadows they shape the universe Republic’s and Empires alike their pawns to move across the chess board.

All its members help shape the universe those with the Force and those without the force, Alien or Native, male and female. From the shadows they pull the strings and hold the key to all the secrets in the universe. Those brave enough step through the void and dedicate themselves to reshaping the universe join the Krath.


The Shapers of Kro Var are an order of Force-users indigenous to the planet Kro Var. Harnessing the elements of earth, water, fire, and air the natives made a home on Kro Var and eventually separated into clans. After years of fighting the clans were united into four nations. Today the four nations live in harmony and practice their talents in elemental bending on their native planet Kro Var.


A federation of two covens, the Allyans and Nightsisters live in coexistence on the planet. Both are ruled separately by Supreme Dahlia Arkay of the Allyans and High Priestess Santeria Decuir of the Nightsister Coven. Their unity comes in the form of a defensive alliance, should any outside threat trespass on Dathomir then both groups would work as one to destroy the invaders with extreme prejudice.

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