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Elysium Dusk

Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Jul 10 2018, 03:20 PM
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<div class='aly-1a'><div class='aly-1b'>CHARACTER WANTED</div>
<div class='aly-1c'>

In search of: an individual willing to be Elysium’s Portege and possible future love interest.


If you decide to make a new character, below you can find some suggestions. <br><br>
  • Character is a 'permanent' character. Must be a Force User.
  • Faction: The Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • Species are negotiable
  • First Name is Negotiable
  • Faceclaims are negotiable


<div class='aly-1c'>

<div class='aly-1d'>?? Dusk [<I> PB See Below </I>]</div><div class='aly-1e'><table cellpadding="4px" cellspacing="0px"><td><div class='aly-1g'><div class='aly-1f' style='background-image: url(https://i.imgur.com/X1GFHeO.jpg);'></div></div></td><td><div class='aly-1h'><div class='aly-1i'>
Playby Suggestions: <br>

Ally Loannides (But open to other suggestions)
Personality: Brash | Confident | Sarcastic or Witty | Strong Willed | Independent <br> <br>
Often plays the voice of reason to Elysium’s Fanatical ways. Also protective of Elysium though not Naïve enough to trust the woman fully.
<br> <br> <br>
History: Born to a High Class family on Makeb. Her parents were both members of the Makeb Business Council part of the ruling body of Makeb. She is the sole inheritor of there Businesses and seat on the Council. <br> <br>
Her Parents were murdered by Hutts for there dealing with the Dusk family of Kathol Rift. A family the Hutts refused to do business with after some unfortunate misunderstands. So the Dusk Family took the Girl in and Adopted her becoming Elysium’s Protégé. <br> <br>


</div></div><a href='http://z10.invisionfree.com/Shadowplay/index.php?showuser=18211'><div style='margin: auto; width: 300px;'>#magicmaleficent</div></a>
Jul 8 2018, 02:15 PM
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<div class="jgumdropcontent">

<h1>Elysium Tui Dusk </h1>
<h2>Templar of Death | Angel Of Mercy | Butterfly . Unknown. The Horseman of the Apocalypse. Emily Beecham.</h2>


<div class="jgumdroptab">
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<div class="jgumdropcontent">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/LtRVncv.jpg">

<h2>Species</h2> <h3>>Deva </h3>
<h2>Homeworld</h2> <h3>>Kathol Rift </h3>
<h2>IC & OOC Rank</h2> <h3>>Knight </h3>
<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>> Baroness <br>
Templar <br>
<h2>Additional Information</h2> <h3>> </h3>


<div class="jgumdroptab">
<input type="radio" id="jgumdroptab-3" name="jgumdroptab-group-1">
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<div class="jgumdropcontent">

<h2>Personality & Description</h2>

This one worships death, it is her duty bring both justice and mercy on souls in the name of death. She is not with out sympathy or remorse but when judgement is rendered it is final. Nothing can revoke Deaths commands, it guides her sword.
<br> <br>
Such a beautiful Butterfly they say to bad, her wings guide her into the shadows and death embrace. She doesn’t see a point in torturing a soul or making there suffering great. Death in her hands is swift it does not linger. She Loyal to death above even her own family when it comes, and it will come as death always does to her family she will be the one to carry it out.
<br> <br>
She is Death knight, his holy templar. For every life she takes it’s name becomes a mark on the body so that person shall always be remembered in the flesh of the living. No death Is forgotten in her eyes all the souls she reaps are in her memory and legacy.
<br> <br>
Though Death is her guide it does not rule her life, she values life just as much. She loves flowers and watching plants flourish and grow. There is a Balance met in her heart, death will come for her one day but she should not forsake life because of it.
<br> <br>
Sexuality: Pansexual<br>
Likes: Butterflies | Birds | Color Black | Knives | Swords | Black Diamonds | Crystals | Silver | Jewelry | Martial Arts | The Fall | Cool Breezes | Artifacts | Tombs | Mausoleums | Old Tech | Botany | Gardening | Malreaux Rose | Daffodils | Color Red | Historical Novels | Demonology | Classical Music | Romance | Tattoos | Red Wine | Horses | Fire Dancing <br>
Dislikes: Torture | Holovids | HoloTV | Abusive relationships | Child Abuse | Slavery | Blasters | speeders | Disrespect | Disloyalty | Nihilism | Killers for Higher | Mercenaries | Being Cheated <br>
Strengths: Articulate | Confident | Cultured | Decisive | Disciplined | Empathetic | Focused | Idealistic | Intuitive | Knowledgeable | Loyal | Mature | Methodical | Maticulous | Observant | Patient | Perceptive | Persuasive | Protective | Sympathetic <br>
Weaknesses: Calculating | Condemnatory | Critical | Devious | Dogmatic | Fanatical | Greedy | Mawkish | Obsessive | Opinionated | Opportunistic | Possessive | Power Hungry | Predatory | Regimental | Ritualistic | Secretive | Unrelenting


Height: 5 ft. 5 in.<br>
Weight: 125 lbs.<br>
Hair Colour: Red <br>
Eye Colour: Jade <br>
Build: Slim <br>
Distinguishing Marks: <br>
Species Attributes: <br>
  • Double jointed
  • Skin soft to the touch but highly durable
  • Dark Eyes


<h2>Force Abilities & Other Skills</h2>

General Species Abilities
  • Dermal Armor
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory
  • Panmnesia
  • Martial Arts Intuition
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Time Reduction
  • Mysticism
  • Mystical Martial Arts
  • Supernatural Agility
  • Supernatural Durability
  • Supernatural Speed
  • Fighting Instinct
  • Longevity
Special Species Abilities
  • Physics Manipulation
  • Causality Manipulation
  • Penance Stare
  • Formless Mind
  • Focus Empowerment


Telekinesis | Insight | Imbue item | Inertia | Enhance Ability | Force Jump | Battle meditation <br> <br>

Lightsaber Forms: Ataru | Niman | Vaapad | Jar'Kai


Fencing | Dance | Teräs Käsi | Hijkata | K'tara | Teelar | Fire Dancing | K'thri | Slight of Hand | Read Body Language | Botany | Entomology | Etiquette | Blind Fighting | Gymnastics | Acrobatics | Tracking


Her eyes watched as fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters were slaughtered. She was but nine years old as the horrors flooded into her mind. Yet she was not horrified she saw a beauty in it, a poetry to the death. She watched as an old mans hand reached out to her not for help but screaming at her to run. Run child he screamed over and over as a headless man on a horse road up and cut him down.
<br> <br>
She stood there fearless and defiant before the headless man’s horse that reared up on it’s hind legs and had her brother not pulled her away in the moment she would have been trampled to death. She had a momentary glimpse of that death, her life short at that time flashing before he marveled eyes. So, began her love affair with death.
<br> <br>
It started with the roll of an angel of mercy, killing the sick and dying putting them out of there misery. A pain killer she thought of her self as only a teenager when it started. Her hands stained with blood but her heart still pure in intent. She held sympathy and empathy for those she killed old or weak venerable souls that had nothing left to give and just wanted their heavens.
<br> <br>
Yet Death wasn’t just about mercy it also held dominion over vengeance, revenge, and even greed. All became part of her creed as she marched at her brother’s side to control the Rift and later to turn vengeance on the Hutts. Yet out of this her only loyalties to her code and death itself.
<br> <br>
Now she takes a young protégé as she joins the apocalypse. She seeks to pass on her beliefs and ideals to another who will carry on her work long after death has taken her life. Elysium is a Templar of Death, an angel of mercy, and a guide to the heavens and hell for the souls she takes.
<br> <br>


Sibling: Savitar Dusk



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<div class="jgumdropcontent">

<h1> Elysium Dusk</h1>
<h2>Central US. PM.</h2>




<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/6c354cc6bdfda9a8ab834e9b972eda66/tumblr_p2pcgdpBsc1ssdpfho1_500.jpg">

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