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Doomsday has come for the galaxy and no one is safe from the reckoning. The beginning of the end is here. The galaxy will be forever changed.

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 Setting & Plot
Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Mar 7 2015, 10:38 PM
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Star Wars Unleashed is an AU Star Wars roleplaying community. The timeline has now advanced to 115 ABY.
Peace was once rife within the galaxy after The Great War, but has now been torn asunder by The Four Horseman. Doomsday had come for the known galaxy, and others far and wide. The balance between life and death, war and peace, tipped too far in one direction or another. An outstanding debt must be paid and they came to collect. No mercy was shown to any nation nor sovereignty, legacy or bloodline.

All things undone. And destroyed they were. Manipulation, fire and blood; the ruination touched everyone. A wound in the Force had been created to draw out the most grave of offenders. Their lives would become forfeit, their empires burned to cinders before the very eyes of those that swore their fealty to such corruption and ruin. Friend had become foe, family became traitor.

The leaders have fallen and with them their kingdoms. Alliances are left broken, the atrophy of worlds leaving many with no home or empire, secrets and betrayal have become rife amongst them all. No one will be left unscarred by the apocalypse wrought upon them. The galaxy has fallen back into an infancy of darkness and factions struggle to reclaim what they had lost. Where do they go from here is yet unknown.

From the carnage, the Horseman of the Apocalypse has risen as the apex powerhouse. Beneath their power, any who oppose them have been crushed without remorse. Their ranks have grown as more have fallen in line to be their followers

In the abyss of destruction, the Witches of Dathomir have been torn asunder beneath the weight of karma for past transgressions. Their Nightmother, and Supreme, have fallen with whereabouts unknown though they have been assumed to be dead. Many have fled out of fear, others from treaties betrayed, and many have simply vanished.

Galactic politics have crumbled from corruption. The New Republic mourns the loss of several, including the revered Queen of Naboo, and have fallen beneath the might of the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Whomever still supported the Republic has now fled to the underworld. No longer are they, the Republic, viewed in high regard, just as the New Jedi Order have become the villains of their own story causing the former history to repeat itself. The Galactic Empire, beneath their new emperor that of Kane Capulet, have begun to see a dramatic shift in their principals, but to what end is currently not discovered.

The Hapes Consortium has felt the cruel sting of deceit and betrayal causing them to once more seclude themselves from the rest of the galaxy. An accord had gone into action forbidding the entanglements with The Coven or any who dare to call their selves Witch.

Even through the never-ending metamorphosis of the galaxy, The Syndicate has remained steadfast. As of the current state of affairs, it is unknown the condition of The Krath though rumors have circulated at their growing numbers. And the Shapers of Kro Var have yet to tip the balance one way or another.

Sands of the hourglass continue to run out for all. Mercy will not be given; tears and prayers and begging will fall upon deaf ears. The galaxy has been weighed on the scales and found wanting. There will be nowhere to hide.

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