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Alexandria Baen

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Aug 9 2017, 03:18 PM
I'm afraid I'll be taking something of an extended leave - more or less leaving for now but may pop in once in a while type of deal. Character plot lines are unfortunately just moving rather slow. I understand that real life needs to come first but it is difficult to get into a story when so much time elapses between replies.

It's been fun while it lasted and I've had a great time getting to know you all. Please don't hesitate to hit me up on Skype of Discord if you'd like to chat. I wish you all the best!

Rumen Lebeau
Raine Halo
Kemba Kadeem
Anais Eirn Dziekuje
Harland Gates
Celeste La Verne
Tegan Bacquin
Kilim Nox

I hope I haven't missed anyone, bye for now!
Jul 23 2017, 05:46 PM
Anais Eirn Dziekuje

Mandalore, Extravagant Palace

Despite her status as a Jedi Padawan, Alex could not escape all of the responsibilities that went along with being the offspring of a prestigious Mandalorian family. Her parents were influential politicians for lack of a better term and there were always important events, even if it was just a wedding. Regardless, Alex was there all tarted up to her mother's specifications and feeling exceptionally uncomfortable.

While she generally went without the traditional Jedi robes, Alex favored a form fitting leather get up. It was ideal for her Ataru with all of the jumps and flips, it was practical. But despite it's somewhat revealing nature, Alex was not entirely comfortable in her own skin. Beautiful by any standard she was fit and desirable. Tall and athletic, she had flawless porcelain skin and tight curves in all of the right places. But in the extravagant gown she wore, she felt out of place even with the curved hilt of her lightsaber hidden within the folds of her skirts.

The ceremony was as bland as ever, but the entertainment at the reception was impressive to say the least. The way the woman moved and flowed with the flames was hypnotic. Alex was in awe and by the end of the show had even worked up the nerve to approach her. Alex knew she was Zeltron, the pinkish coloring of her skin along with her blue hair was enough of a giveaway. But she still couldn't resist.

Ignoring the requests to dance she received from some of the other guests, Alex moved closer to the blue haired beauty. Unfortunately by the time she got there she still didn't quite know what to say. Blushing, she met the other woman's gaze. "Hi..."
Jun 4 2017, 12:02 PM
Real life got me! Headed out of town for work on 6 June, hopefully back by the end of the month. Not entirely sure how this will affect my posting availability - could be anywhere from unchanged to nonexistent. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hansel Aulin
Kilim Nox
Tegan Bacquin
Jun 3 2017, 10:03 PM
Tegan Bacquin

Coruscant, Upscale Establishment

This was stupid. Alex didn't know how she'd gotten there - well she did, but she wasn't happy about it. Master Aulin was a piece of work. Sometimes she felt like he was the Padawan in need of guidance and not the other way around. In any matter, he really was the one in charge. And that was exactly why she was sitting there waiting for someone to hit on her.

You need to get laid... The words echoed in her head as she sat down at the bar. She had wanted to slap him when he'd said it but had enough restraint not to. She'd been indignant at his words. But after some meditation she realized that he probably had a point. She'd never known the touch of another before and to be honest the entire thing made her nervous. And the idea of sleeping with a random stranger made her skin crawl - it also made her a little wet.

It was a nice establishment, expensive and she felt a little out of place there in her leathers. Still, they showed off her statuesque figure and she could feel several sets of eyes on her as she sipped her drink. And beyond that, she really was gorgeous. Long dark blonde hair, expressive chocolate brown eyes. A perfect round ass and a nice set of perky tits... Then again, it could have also been the fact that she still wore her lightsaber on her hip. She might have been looking for a saber of the flesh variety but that didn't mean she wouldn't bring her own.
Jun 3 2017, 07:53 PM
Kilim Nox

Coruscant, Dark Alley

She could sense them. Two unknown entities, though neither especially friendly as far as she could tell. One was fleeing the other, strong with the Force though perhaps injured. Her teachings told her to aid those in need, but this unknown creature could just as easily turn on her. And the other was clearly hostile - Sith as far as she could tell.

Reaching out the beautiful young Padawan allowed the Force to guide her. It's will drew her out, stepping into the path of the pursuer. One slender hand deftly drew her lightsaber, the familiar curve of the hilt comfortable in her hand. Lightsaber combat was easily her greatest strength. Thumbing the switch, the brilliant violet blade hummed to life.

Alex didn't seek out fights but wouldn't run from one either. At least not until those in danger had escaped as well. "Go in peace," she said calmly as took up a defensive stance, dropping her Jedi cloak. She favored leather over the traditional Jedi robes, she found the form fitting material more practical, more durable and honestly, more flattering. Ataru was her strongest form, but she was well versed in Makashi as well. At the very least she was certain his victim would escape - their Force signature slowly fading away as they grew more distant and she confronted the man she perceived as a Sith.

"Leave now, there needn't be any bloodshed tonight." Her statuesque form coiled in preparation to defend herself. She was fairly certain it wouldn't be as easy as simply telling him to leave but she had to try...
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