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A Species Check is under way! All Characters need to be participating.

Activity Checks have begun and will conclude on February 1st.

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Happy 3rd Birthday SWU!

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22xander Members 29-November 16 0
Abel Bacquin The Syndicate 17-September 15 46
Abraham Weatherwax Members 29-October 16 0
Achilles Bellmont New Jedi Order 24-October 16 124
Achilles Sunslayer New Jedi Order 14-July 16 9
Addison Arceneau The Hapes Consortium 7-August 15 395
Adira Ventress Witches of Dathomir 21-April 15 45
Adoniram Jai Witches of Dathomir 17-May 15 16
Adonis Vaux The Syndicate 19-May 16 60
Adriana Zandane Witches of Dathomir 4-February 17 11
Adriel Lachance The Hapes Consortium 9-March 15 132
Aerona Zet Members 16-November 15 0 View
Aetra Aeceria Members 28-November 15 1
Agent Blade The Galactic Empire 28-September 15 13
Aien Mueller Inactive 21-September 15 21
Ailene Kade Members 28-January 18 1
Aion Bacquin Unaffiliated 11-April 15 38
Ala Quin Members 12-January 16 3
Alaesha Ohtake The Sith Empire 29-April 15 16
Alaric Haidar Members 9-September 15 16
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OOTA The Arrow Devil's Ridge: An 18+ Wild West Roleplay A New Dawn: The galaxy is yours Warlands
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