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 Bewitched, Love Interest Wanted
Jacen Skylighter
 Posted: Sep 24 2017, 10:57 PM
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New Jedi Order
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user posted image

Age: 30-34
Play by: Christina Hendricks
Personality: Kind, Mature, Maternal, Assertive, Intelligent, Cougar
I'm looking for someone to create Lena ____, to be a love interest for Jacen. She is a former witch of Dothomir who joined the Jedi Order after being exiled from her clan for using a shadow spell to kill an enemy nightsister. She picks Jacen as a mate because of his powerful connection to the Force and the fact that she always had a preference towards younger men. And despite being over 10 years older than him, Jacen is very attracted to her. Since Lena comes from a matriarchal society, she would be wearing the pants in the relationship.
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