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 Xan Qenadius
Xan Qenadius
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 02:07 AM
- New Jedi Order -
I use my power, my wealth for the right reasons these days...just don't piss me off
- character age -
Grey Jedi Master
- ooc rank -
The Jedi Order
- faction -

Xan Miqaal Qenadius
Character Alias : None
Character Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore
IC Rank: Grey Jedi Master
OOC Rank: Master
Member Group: The Jedi Order
Occupation: Owner of QenTech Industries
Play By: Hugh Jackman
Personality & Description

Coming in at 6 feet 2 and weighing in at 240 pounds. Xan is a fairly typical male human. Black hair and blue eyes, with a neatly trimmed goatee. He is fairly average looking in normal clothing. If seen shirtless, you would spot large scars littering his back and lower torso. He also has scarring on his legs and forearms from years in the bounty hunting trade.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Force Skills: Force Jump, Force Speed, Breath Control, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Control, Force Push, Force Lightining, Pyrokinesis, Energy Manipulation, Force Choke, Force Fear, Force Sight, Force Listening, Force Vision, Force Cloak, Force concealment, Dark Transfer

Lightsaber Forms: Shi-Cho, Ataru, Shien and Vaapad

Non-Force skills: Infiltration, Espionage, Intelligence gathering and networking, Slicing, Blaster proficiency(short range, Long Range and sniping), Piloting (Starfighters and normal vessels), Knife proficiency, business acumen

Languages Known: Basic, Mando'a, Twi'lekki, Huttese


Born in Kyrimorut, Mandalore. Xan was a fairly non-descript Mandalorian warrior for most of his youth and early 20's untill he met a young girl by the name Anija Ordo and fell in love. The love affair however, quickly brought him to the attention of Anija's patron and soon to be Xan's, Kane Smart. Kane, questioned his guts and ability to do what was best for his people and thus treated Xan like scum, all in an effort Xan later learned to shape the young man into a legacy of sorts. Xan chaffed under Smart's thumb and for a while was lost as to the direction of his life, which wa onlyy compounded by Smart's training and shaping for Xan into a ruthless individual but then his people backed a religious movement known as the Crimson Empire, a Empire bent on destroying all Force users. For his people it seemed like the right call, but for Xan, who was already struggling with his Force sensitivity it was too much. And when Kane Smart took the Mandalorian crown and became Mand'alor it was too much. Xan and Kane argued, the argument quickly grew into outright rebellion and by this time Xan and his then wife Anija acquired businesses that began to rival those of Smart's, the business QenTech and Xan's knack of finding loyal individuals led to Mand'alor Smart exiling Xan and declaring him Dar'manda.

Xan Spent several years in hiding on the planet Shogun, all but ignoring Mandalorian life. but it was here that his draw to the Force became inexorable. He needed to learn more, but the exile,the dar'manda status and then his marriage breaking down changed the man. Once he was happy and jovial if with a big mouth now he was cruel and cunning with no feelings then regaining his life back and gaining enough power to crush Smart under his boots. However, he wasn't drawn to the Sith as one would normally expect with such darkness residing in him but the Witches of Dathomir, whose own twisting of the Dark Side suited his purposes. Not to mention many of the witches were rather easy on the eyes.

Xan travelled to Dathomir claimed he was there to learn, no matter how brutally it would be if he could regain his life in the process. Soon he began training but then pieces then started falling into place in other ways. His business he found out was still in his ex-wife's hands and that she was doing a terrible job with it. And all it took was for him to get back into the picture and with his last remaining bank account essentially buying his own company back.From there he then found the Mandalorians split, as Smart had essentially created a potential civil war in the process of building up the Empire. Xan didn't waste the chance. claiming he was back and with the Mandalorians so split, that Smart's dar'manda declaration was null and void and that it was time for the Mandalorian to look to themselves only for their future. Many Mandalorian followed Xan's call and joined with him in rebuilding Mandalore and their Empire while others followed Smart.

but still it wasn't enough. The training wasn't enough. Family popping out of the woodwork that he never knew about wasn't enough, even his company wasn't enough. and so, Xan left the known galaxy again, on a pilgrimage for something. What he didn't know till he found it, on the planet Odessen.

It was on Odessen, in the ruins of what was the then base of the Eternal Empire that Xan came across an old man that claimed Xan didn't need to deny love and compassion in the sake of anger and revenge but he could find a way to be both. To be balanced....to find the actual peace he had been missing in his life.Xan didn't need to hunt mn down, he needed to hunt out injustices, wrong overlooked by many while their focus was on themselves. This resonated with him and thus fellinto training with the old man. Slowly, agonizingly slowly at times Xan finally began to learn the ways of the Force, not the simple training of the Jedi or the brutal ways of the Sith and the Witches but whatever was needed to sink a message home.

Xan gave up much in that time. He only kept in contact with his business, making deals from afar. He gave up his family, his lover, his way of life and slowly he rebuilt himself into the man he always wanted to be. Willing to help others if it came down to it but unwilling to deal with those that sought only to exploit him or others. and he would deal with those people ruthlessly.

No longer anything, now he returns to the known galaxy,set on regaining his power but in order to shape events in ways that would benefit the galaxy as a whole rather then just his own ambitions. He now calls himself a Grey Jedi as it simply fits him better then anything has to explain his new lease in life. However facets of his old life still follow him. He's still a loudmouth, still fond of chasing skirts and of booze and spice but he recognizes his flaws for what they are and makes no apologies about them or attempts to hide them either.

Edited to add The Jedi Order to member group

2nd edit to add the OOC Rank
Vanya Aklin
 Posted: Jul 14 2017, 11:54 AM
- Global Moderator -
Strip me of my clothes and my doubts. Undress me, undoubt me.
- character age -
Nightsister Master
- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.

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