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Location: Coruscant
Born: 27 September 1985
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Plotter: No Information
Application: http://starwarsunleashed.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=4883
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Nobleman
Character Age: 25
Character Nickname: Death's Breath
Quote: Point your gun in another direction, now that you have cried yourself to sleep.
Want AD: No Information
Rank: Dark Jedi Zealot
Image: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33400000/Pillars-of-the-Earth-david-oakes-33449009-245-138.gif
Image: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33200000/Pillars-of-the-Earth-david-oakes-33266738-245-138.gif
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Viktor Maurow

The Dark Brotherhood

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Jul 3 2018, 02:32 AM
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Jul 3 2018, 02:12 AM
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<h1>Viktor Maurow-DuSang</h1>
<h2>Avi. 25. The Dark Brotherhood. David Oakes. </h2>


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<img src="https://s33.postimg.cc/zbob11q9r/IMG_03072018_012401.jpg">

<h2>Species</h2> <h3>> Mutated Human</h3>
<h2>Homeworld</h2> <h3>> Coruscant</h3>
<h2>IC & OOC Rank</h2> <h3>> Dark Jedi Padawan</h3>
<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>>Nobleman</h3>
<h2>Additional Information</h2> <h3>>Currently represents House DuSang and House Maurow in the Hall of Nobles on Coruscant</h3>


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<h2>Personality & Description</h2>
Height: 6'1"<br>
Weight: 220 lbs<br>
Hair: Brown<br>
Eyes: Yellow<br>
Viktor is an immaculate individual. His appearance must be kept up at all times. Always dressed in the finest attire, with his hair meticulously placed and his facial hair properly groomed. One would suspect he was too clean, too formal, to shed blood. Underneath his pristine appearance however, a demon resides within him.
Killing is as easy as breathing for Viktor. But, he's an intelligent murderer. Every detail is mapped out. Every step is carefully carried out. Every conceivable outcome is addressed and accounted for. His kills are just as clean as he is. Nothing ever being able to come back on him or the Dark Brotherhood. He doesn't let his ego in the way of the job.
He isn't a machine, however. He's a living, breathing, feeling man. He cares deeply for his mother. Adores his sister and would lay down his life for her without hesitation. One day, he wishes to wed his beloved Lexi. And wishes to make his parents proud, despite the rocky relationship he holds with his father. As an empath, he can gaze deeply into the souls of others. It reminds him that he's not the only one that feels things so strongly.

<h2>Force Abilities & Other Skills</h2>
<p>Empath - The son of two prominent Sith Empaths, their gift was passed down to their son. Viktor can easily detect emotion of others, sensing even the most subtle of changes within the emotional spectrum. As he progresses in power, he'll be able to use his empathic abilities to alter the emotional states of others.
Telekinesis - Trainee level.
Lightdagger Proficiency - Trainee level</p>

<p>Born on Coruscant, Viktor was raised in a life of luxury and privilege. He was given the best education that credits could buy. Never was he left wanting for a single thing, except for the attention of his father. The Nobleman and Sith Lord was often aloof from their home for as long as Viktor could remember.
So, the young boy became particularly attached to his mother and older sister. As his empathic prowess began to unfold, he found himself constantly watching out for Ophelia. She was always so happy, so content. Whenever she would become upset, it would kill him inside.
When the Four Horseman began to wage war on the Galaxy, his mother took Viktor and Ophelia, fleeing to Korriban. There, hidden away deep within an ancient Sith Temple, Viktor got a taste of the Force and what he was capable of. As his mother and Ophelia spent their days in the archives, Viktor was brought under the wing of a Sith Assassin. The man taught him the most rudimentary force abilities, but he also taught Viktor how to fight.
The boy gravitated towards dual wielding lightdaggers. The short blades allowed him to move at a quicker pace. He began to develop his own style, his own techniques with the weapons. In time, however, he and his sister had to leave Korriban to return home to Coruscant. Amidst the chaos, he was introduced to Lexi Preston, and was immediately smitten for her.
A powerful Master within the Sith Empire, the pair developed a strong relationship. However, as his parents assisted with matters of the Empire, Viktor decided to stay home and take a seat at the Hall of Nobles. It was his first, real taste of politics. And he was wildly unprepared for it. The process was a learning curve, afterall. He had been sheltered most of his life. He was completely unprepared for the real world.
Time progressed, and he bid his time. He saw how the nobles interacted with each other. He used his empathic abilities to learn pressure points to get nobles on his side. After a few years, he was one of the top speakers in the Hall. Even if a few throats had to be slit in order to get where he wanted to be. A small price to pay to move his agenda further.
However, he found himself as a potential target of being brought into the Dark Brotherhood. The group was so rarely spoken of, Viktor initially thought it was an elaborate prank being pulled on him. But, when he realized the offer was serious, he devoted himself to the task at hand. A pair of traitors to the Brotherhood were being held in Witness Protection on Coruscant. Using his influence and skills, he was able to find them. And, by the sunrise, they were strung up by their own innards.
With initiation over, it was time for Viktor to devote himself to the Brotherhood and their teachings. He wouldn't follow the same path his parents took to power. He would walk his own steps. He would step out of their shadow, and cast one of his own. Death's Breath is coming. </p>


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<h1>Viktor Maurow-DuSang du Coruscant</h1>
<h2>EST. Discord or PM.</h2>




<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/6c354cc6bdfda9a8ab834e9b972eda66/tumblr_p2pcgdpBsc1ssdpfho1_500.jpg">

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