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 Stellar Kart, Modified E-Wing Starfighter
Varric Tallis
 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 05:33 PM
- The New Republic -
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Stellar Kart
Product Information

Manufacturer: FreiTek Inc.
Product Line: E-wing
Model: E-wing escort starfighter
Class: Escort starfighter
Role: Escort, Assault, Recon
Cost: 185,000 credits
Production: Limited (most supplied to elite squadrons)

Technical Specifications

Length: 11.2 meters
Width:12 meters
Height/Depth: 4 meters
Maximum Acceleration: 4,200 G
Maximum Speed: 120 MGLT, 1300 km/h atmospheric
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
Hyperdrive System: FreiTek J8LF fusial thrust engines (2)
Hangar: None
Crew: 1
Passengers: None
Consumables: 1 week
Miscellaneous Information: Originally designed to use R7 Astromech's only, modified to allow older models.

Physical Description

Materials: Durasteel
Modifications/Armaments: Armed with three Taim & Bak IX9 medium laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers with 16 torpedoes.
Special Features: Includes additional command, control and communication capabilities for coordinating operations with fleet commander.
Description: The exterior of the High Marshal's E-Wing is indistinguishable from the standard version. The cockpit has been rearranged to allow additional communication equipment and a display for theater wide data.

user posted image
Vanya Aklin
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 12:34 PM
- Global Moderator -
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Witches of Dathomir
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approved !

The technology petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other groups and the application moved to the approved section.

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