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 QenTech Industries, Corporation
Xan Qenadius
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 09:14 AM
- New Jedi Order -
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The Jedi Order
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QenTech Industries
Establishment Basics

Founder/CEO Xan Qenadius Based On: HQ on Rendili, offices on Mandalore, Coruscant, Odessen, Nar Shaddaa and Bastion

Establishment Structure

Legal Dealings: Shipbuilding, Ship components,Weapon manufacture, Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, Restaurants,Hotels and Resorts. Illegal Dealings: Weapons sales via Black market, spice manufacture,smuggling and piracy,espionage and information brokering.

Establishment Members

Owner and CEO: Xan Qenadius Senior positions to be held by NPC's

Establishment Synopsis

With the purchases of Taim and Bak, Rendili Stardrive, and Westar munitions,QenTech was formed at first as primarily as a shipbuidling and ship componant supplier and weaponer for military and civilian applications. Since then QenTech has expanded it's reach into other areas such as the medical field with the discovery of a cheap,synthetic bacta that cuts costs of the healing medium by 2/3 while not sacrificing quality. Other pharmaceuticals are produced as well. QenTech even has it's hands in to several food and beverage producers across the galaxy and owns a series of bars, restaurants, hotels and retreats across the galaxy. most of the 5-star variety. The most well known is The Coral Club resort on Zeltros. There are rumours of QenTech fronting black market weapons running,piracy,smuggling and spice manufacture and rumour to several employees including that of it's owner being involved in private espionage and information brokering but due to the private ownership,QenTech books are unavailable for public auditing.

Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 09:58 AM
- Administrator -
Temptation is a woman's weapon and a man's excuse.
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- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

approved !

The establishment petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other groups and the application moved to the approved section.
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