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Dresdin Astil

Witches of Dathomir

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Jun 19 2017, 12:08 PM
Spira - Chimera Gym main Area.

It was a welcome sight to see the master of the gym, the leader of their lineage, within the walls of the building. For months now the man had been missing, and while many had stepped up and led those they were teaching as if nothing was different, others were worried that he had decided to quit and abandon them. Dresdin had trouble with the notion that they were following him with such faith when all he was doing was teaching them martial arts, but her enjoyed the small army he had created none the less.

Since his return, which he had blamed on a sort of soul searching quest to see if his martial arts was truly strong enough to be called great by fighting his way through the wilderness of Dagobah, Dresdin had come back and had been making a tour of different gyms as best he could. Performing promotions, giving out certifications of master class members within his schools, and doing seminars as best he could. He would spend a week at each school before moving on to the next, and had by no been to close to ten of his gyms.

It was refreshing being around normal, non-force crazed people. People that could hold a conversation with him, people that weren't screaming unintelligible nonsense into the ether while raking skin off their face. People that could actually smile... At least when he could see that smile. He had been having issues recently with his mind, ever since Vanya had paid him a visit, and while he did his best to forget it and move past it, it was still tough to get past the fact that many people he spoke with really had no face to look at him with.

But that was not a concern for today. No push that thought process down deep.... He could see everyone today for most of the time and that in his book was a good day...

He snapped back to focus on the four before him who were sparring. All four up for promotions to the masters class to earn their final recognition. He had four pairs of firebrands laying beside him, ready to pass them on as a sign of accomplishment for his students, and he could tell they were ready. He called a stop to the sparring and stood, all four sets of brands in his hands.

"Today I'm happy to say that we welcome four more masters to the ranks within the Chimera gym. Congratulations on the accomplishment, but understand that learning does not stop. Strive to improve, strive to innovate, and strive to pass on what you know to those that are still climbing." Dresdin bowed to the four, who in turn returned the bow before presenting them their brands. Another hour or two at the gym which was spent mostly going through techniques, answering specific questions, and doing a few quick spars with the new masters, and Dresdin found himself free from the gym and on the streets of Spira.

He had made this planet his last stop so as to include for himself a nice little vacation. Making time to head back to his apartment and dressing to head down to the beach, Dresdin found his way to plant his toes in the sand. Letting out a sigh he wouldn't go into the water just yet, no instead calling on his time as a clan father, Dresdin would shape the sand around him in subtle ways as he dug down with his hands, allowing him to control just how it reacted and allow him to make a small hang out area below the surface of the sand, just as he had years ago in his first vacation to the planet.

It would be close to an hour before his little underground hut was finished, which gave him the time and oportunity to finally go to the water and wash off and take some time swimming, knowing few would likely mess with the strange opening in the ground on the sand. At least he hoped none would mess with it, though if they did it mattered not, Dresdin could always make another.
Jul 23 2015, 05:14 AM
Dathomir - Temple of the Winged Goddess

Dresdin as of recently had taken a liking to the temple of the Winged Goddess, using it more times then not to perform his tests and trials that he would put forth for the ascension of a certain member of the Coven. Evony Acreneau was to come before him, a summons he had sent a while ago as he remained seated. All around him within the courtyard of the temple frost rested on branches and leaves, the temperature obviously rather cold in the area and yet it didn't seem to be the same outside of the courtyard. At various areas around the courtyard, hidden as well as they could, were several members of the coven all with the aim of keeping the temperature of the courtyard rather low.

Of course Dresdin didn't seem to be bothered by the temperature to badly, in fact quiet the opposite he seemed very comfortable. Dressed in his normal clothing of the cargo pants and suit top, he sat in the courtyard with legs crossed, awaiting on the nightsister.


"Indeed Nightsister, please take a seat." Dresdin offered, hand out to indicate the patch of ice that was currently getting taller as they spoke. After a moment it would raise to be roughly half a foot high.

"I wonder as we get ready, Nightsister, how this night finds you? Well I hope?" Dresdin just smiled a little to the woman, enjoying the look and feeling it was in regards to the fact that the temperature in the area was already right below freezing. Even Dresdin felt a bit of the chill but pushed it aside as he himself stood now.

"I've called you here for your trial Nightsister. To see if you are worthy to join the ranks of master within the coven. I know you will not disappoint." Dresdin confided in the woman as he gave a small nod. As he did the temperature seemed to drop even further, and if they had a thermometer close at hand would see it had dropped below freezing. At the same time, Evony would come to realize two things.

Around the two, there were half a dozen sisters that had become visible, all chanting to help keep the temperature low. They were without their weapons and any protective armor. The second was that from behind the sisters a chorus of low growls would reverberate throughout the courtyard. A full dozen of the deadly Vornskr, hunters of users of the force wound their way out from behind the sisters, knowing full well who their target was. Deadly eyes locked on the woman in the center of the gathering as Dresdin stepped from the circle.

"Defend yourself Evony, and do try to take care..." Dresdin gave a small hint as to the test as the temperature continued to lower. The two part test would be difficult for the woman as he simply watched and waited to see how well she did. What he had failed to tell the sister was the facts about the Vornskr. Altered through his Alchemy, they were quicker, tougher, stronger, and a touch more resilient then a normal Vornskr. Far more different, they would be a task on a good day, much less in the freezing temperature.
Jun 30 2015, 12:00 PM
Pretty Plastic bottles,
Lay beside your bed,
With every dose you swallow,
You lose your head…

Dresdin groaned as he rolled onto his side, eyes winced shut from the stabbing pain emanating from above him. His head screamed in protest of the noises taking place somewhere below him and every bone and muscle in his body seemed to be rebelling against the idea of him moving just then. Everything from head to toe was in agony, more so his head than anything else as everything began to come into focus. He could feel the hard mats below him, the pillow that gave little cushion to his elbow and the light sheet that seemed to be tangled around his legs. As he found his vision he could see the plastic bottles the littered around him, evidence of the night before and his stupidity.

Grunting to stand up, his body still angrily protesting him, Dresdin soon found his shaky legs holding him upright as he made his way to get something fluid in his stomach and hopefully wash out the taste of alcohol from his mouth. Running the sink faucet and letting it flow into his mouth, Dresdin swished a few times and spat out before taking a few long drinks, all before shutting off the faucet. A cold pizza from the night before lay on the table still which provided his breakfast of champions before a quick change of clothing found him walking down the stairs, wincing with every crack of the bag from those training in the gym. Unkempt looking would be an understatement for Dresdin as he finally found his way into the gym area. Shorts with food stains and what was once a tight tank top now baggy from over wearing it, hair an mess and stubble from going on a few days now, the man looked like he could use a shave and a shower rather than coming down into the gym, not to mention the stink of drinking and training as he had been the past few days.

But he cared little for the looks he was getting from his students. He wasn’t interested in their pity nor scorn, simply in figuring out a way to get rid of this pain in his chest. It was killing him inside slowly as he set two bottles down beside the bag and took a step or two back. One bottle water, one bottle whisky, Dresdin stretched himself out a little bit before he started in. A few warm up kicks found him loosening up even more. Soon a grouping of three kicks turned into four, then five, then six, before he was kicking for stretches of upwards of two minutes without stopping, slamming his shin into the bag over and over. The stench of alcohol permeated from the man as he began to sweat out what was left in his body. Replacing it with water at first, Dresdin soon moved back to the bottle of whisky, switching back and forth between the two when he took a break.

As he worked his mind wandered, trailing this way and that through thoughts and memories. He wracked his brain trying to think how he screwed up, how he went wrong or if he even did. He had felt like he had connected with Sephoria fairly well and had liked her a lot. In their short time together Dresdin had found himself quickly falling for the woman, and what was there not to fall for. A depth of intelligence he had not seen in his past relationships, the fact that she could hold her own with the biggest and best in the galaxy certainly helped, and she herself was absolutely stunning. A vision he had certainly fallen in love with on a physical level from the day they had met, Dresdin had felt himself falling for her before things spiraled out of control and they fell to fighting. It was strange and he was sure he was not completely without fault in their break up but it had still shocked him regardless. Multiple times he had tried to work up the courage or gumption to go and try to get her back only to chicken out at the last moment, Dresdin now found himself moping in his gym, drinking and training his life away, living like nothing more than a zombie just then.

He would remain there, allowing the pain of training and the monotony of the repetitive training to wash out any thoughts of his latest failure of a relationship, wondering why it hurt so much more this time then with others…
Apr 20 2015, 11:01 AM
Character Name: Dresdin Astil
Requested Rank: Master
Board Rank Achieved On: Witched of Dathomir - The Gungan Council
Miscellaneous: http://witchesofdathomir.yuku.com/topic/3595/Trial-Invocation-Path-Masterhood-Dresdin-Complete#.VTUS9vnF-n8
Apr 11 2015, 08:32 AM
I want to flesh out Dresdin's past, with what happened to him between his exodus from his home to just after he opens his first gym and steps away from the Hutts.

About 95% of this time is interactions with the Hutt Cartel located on Coruscant. I'll start to write it myself, but if anyone is interested in helping me out, please join.

The time period will be about 10 years prior to the current plot. It will be his being tricked into owing money to the hutts, to working for them, discovering the treachery and having a few events happen which causes an intense hatred for the hutts, to his starting to understand his place in life which his father tried to instill into him.

He will then begin to break away from the hutts, working on his own, raising money to pay off his debts, which eventually leads to his departure from the cartel and the issues that arise from this. If anyone is interested in it, feel free to join up in whatever fashion you like.
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