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 Romantic Interest, Long-Term | Taken
Willow Castamere
 Posted: Jul 14 2018, 07:28 PM
The Girl Next Door
Dark Jedi Zealot | Neutral Elite
89 : Posts
Offline : Status
2-February 16 : Joined
Age : Sixteen
Occupation : Castamere Noble
Sexuality : Heterosexual
And like the moon she had a side to her so dark, that even the stars couldn't shine on it.
Application | Plotter | Want AD
The Dark Brotherhood

In search of: an individual to fill the request of a romantic interest. The individual needs to be of a high-standing noble bloodline and able to assist Willow in the rebuilding of House Castamere.

  • Character is a 'permanent' character.
  • Faction: Any other than NJO, WoD, TS
  • Species is negotiable. Even member created species are acceptable if agreed upon.
  • Name is negotiable
  • Faceclaim is negotiable
Lucius Pryde [Glen Powell]

Domineering - Spontaneous - Charming - Intense

History can be discussed and worked out. There are various factors: species, faction, and do on that plays a part.

    Age: Dependent on species
    Species: Any (except Marzullo, Dathomiri, Decuir)
    IC Rank: Dependent on faction
    OOC Rank: Can be discussed
Ruronin Wendigo
 Posted: Jul 17 2018, 11:43 PM
66 : Posts
Offline : Status
1-February 16 : Joined
Age : 25
Occupation : Jedi
Sexuality : Male
"Per anni ho vagato, senza notare le stagioni che si alternano. Sono solo una foglia che appassisce, asciuga, muore, eppure l'albero rimane un modello di vita."
Application | Plotter | Want AD
New Jedi Order

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