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 Multiple Characters Wanted, Zygerrian Advisors
Dax Ryiah
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 01:32 PM
- The Syndicate -
you become responsible forever for what you have tamed
21 Standard Years
- character age -
Dark Master
- ooc rank -
The Syndicate
- faction -

The Praier Congregation


Sabriel Praier - Archangel

Sabriel is the personal protector and advisor to the solar doppleganger (Dax Ryiah). Sabriel gets bored easily and has a taste for blood. He is perfectly happy plotting evil wickedness with Lord Ravage. He has been put in charge of commanding Lord Ravages Hell Hound army, which is used to go into the galaxy and collect slaves.

Face Claim: Joseph Morgan


Nariel Praier-Archangel

Nariel is another Angelic advisor to Lord Ravage. She is most concerned about his emotional state and troubled that his decent into loneliness will not help him serve his purpose. She was sent to be a companion for Ravage and try to get him back on the right path.

Play By: Arielle Kebbel
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