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 Cimitière, Species | SWU Canon | WIP
Cira Bonsaint
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 10:13 PM
- The Sith Empire -
A life without passion is a slow way to freeze to death.
- character age -
Sith Master
- ooc rank -
The Sith Empire
- faction -

Biological Classification

Designation: Sentient
Biological Classification: Mammal
Races: None

Physical Characteristics

Average Height:
Males: Six foot +
Females: Five foot +
Eye Colour: Violet | Gold | Black
Hair Colour: Black | Silver
Skin Colour:
Average Lifespan: 500+
    Rapid Metabolism
    Unknown Blood Type
    Gleaming Skin
Other Traits:
General Species Abilities
  • Banshee Wail
  • Death Recreation
  • Death Prediction
  • Death Song
  • Dreamscaping
  • Dream Negation
  • Mesmerizing Presence
  • Murderous Possession
  • Notoriety Affinity
  • Tantric Metabolization
  • Transmutation
Special Species Abilities
  • Death Whispering
  • Dream/Nightmare Manipulation
  • Dream Searching
  • Oneiric Slaying
  • Mind Control
  • Nightmare Embodiment
  • Nightmare Manipulation
  • Self-Resurrection

Sociocultural Characteristics

Homeworld: Alchemilla
  • Alchem
  • Galactic Basic Standard
General Behaviour:
Other Characteristics:
  • Heart extraction/Decapitation
  • Protective Seals or Spells

Historical Information

Culture: Ruled by The Order, a doomsday cult. Their government consists of The Great Council. A ruling body comprised of four representatives, each one the head of the largest, wealthiest and most powerful, families on Alchemilla.
Religion: Monotheism
The Order, those that believe their religion is the "one true religion" and all others are deceptions and heretics, were the founders of Alchemilla and gave the unattached world its name. Using manipulation, fear, and religion as a weapon, they were able to gain the loyalty of those that followed them to inhabit the world and the unfortunate ones who managed to end up on the planet by their own devices.

Much of the planet has been corrupted by the evils of the citizens - the Alchemillians. Bizarre incidents occurred often: missing persons, ritual sacrifices, areas void of the Force, grotesque creatures. Alchemilla, despite having become a tourist location, is truly a nightmare made manifest.

Currently Known Characters

  • Cira Bonsaint


Regarding Special Abilities:
Those born a full-blooded Cimitière will have a limit of four of these abilities. Those born a Hybrid will be limited to three.

► Cimitières are considered a restrictive species.
-- Anyone wishing to created a -new- character must have the Administrator approval. Those born do not need current approval.

►The Cimitière species is very rare.

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