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 Character Wanted, Long-Term | Taken
Niko Lecarde
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 07:10 PM
The Eternal Child
Horseman Knight
249 : Posts
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19-May 16 : Joined
Age : Unknown
Occupation : Cultist
Sexuality : Pansexual
Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart.
Application | Plotter | Want AD
Horseman of the Apocalypse

In search of: an individual to fill either one or a few roles. Someone to be either a mentor, rival, (both), or acquaintance. More to the relationship, possibly romantically, could develop which I am not opposed to.

There are various ideas I do have if interested. One of them is included in the description below which I can go into more detail.
  • Character is a 'permanent' character.
  • Faction: Horseman of The Apocalypse
  • Species is not negotiable
  • Name is not negotiable
  • Faceclaim is negotiable: older than Tom Holland
Damien Phyre [Luke Evans]
Intelligent - Ambitious - Mischievous - Arrogant

A devout follower of the Cult of Odium, Damien was a zealot beneath the tutelage of Nicasio Lecarde until the man's death. He is the cult's alchemist, and a formidable one.

Descended from one of the highborn bloodlines, death and unexplained occurrences surrounded him and play a forte to his life. Damien at times is just as much a victim within his own horror story as some of the other Daedra.

Closure has been difficult to find due to the discovery that there had been a link between the greatest betrayal of their species and his own family. Because of such things, Damien pledged himself to the Odium cult.

    Age: Unknown
    Species: Daedra
    IC Rank: Aeon Prophet, Death Whisperer, Fetish Priest (any is fine)
    OOC Rank: Knight or Master (can be discussed)

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