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May 30 2016, 07:41 AM
Dear Diary, it's the beginning of month seven with the two miracles that have blessed my life. Still growing out of my clothing, I'll have to go into town again soon to get more. It's been a few eventful months here in the household I thought I'd never adapt to. Well, I've adapted, but still feel distant, if you know what I mean. I still feel everyone is just tolerating me for what I'm carrying. I know I need to give them time, just as I need time to adjust here. I still miss home, I miss Mum and Dad. I even miss that bloody too enthusiastic for his own good brother. But, it's best I stay away right now. I've done things I'd never thought I could and not in a 'good' way and that's something I could never face my father about. Not yet, anyways. Once I understand the darkness inside will I be able to explain to my parents that this was the path I was meant to be on. Then and only then, do I believe I can make them understand. Oh, who am I kidding, they never would.

Kira put down the pen and tucked it into the book and put it in it's locked case in her bedroom. Now, she had her own home that Kerrick and his family had built. This way she didn't have to stay in the new house and it was a place for Kerrick to hide out when he'd had enough of his family for the day. Even though at one time the two shared an intimate bond, it wasn't something that were permanent. I mean, yeah, sex was fun while it lasted but it got her in this predicament. Sex honestly wasn't something she wanted to rush into again. Also, she enjoyed having his company without feeling like it had to end with them in bed together. If it did, it was Kerrick just showing affection to his unborn children. He really did love his kids, well he loved kids in general. Maybe it was because he still acted like one, Kira thought and laughed to herself.

One thing she did want to do was go home, not to see anyone but to retrieve a few items of hers that she wanted. Like clothing that would hopefullly fit after the babies were born. Jewelry she had and could pass down to her children when it came time. Pictures of her family so that even though her children may never meet her family, they know that they do exist. But, in her condition there was no way she could go alone. Cue now, asking her bestie to take her back to Naboo. It had to be planned carefully. It had to be a time where she knew all three would be out of the house together so her and Kerrick could sneak in, get her things and leave.

So, when the time came and everything was aligned correctly, she approached Kerrick and wrapped her arms around him and smiled. "Blue, I have things completely planned out. If we leave tonight, there will be no one home and I can get the things I wanted and we can leave. I'd go myself but I think even you wouldn't let me leave alone. We'll be back before you know it. It would really mean a great deal to me if we could do this."
May 5 2016, 01:06 AM
In the months that passed after that night she met his family, they had reserved some of their land for a home to live in and raise her and Kerrick's children. It was surreal how quickly time had gone on. For someone who was used to a petite figure, she felt and watched as her body changed with the two lives that resided in there for the time being. Clothing was almost impossible. She'd buy something and a month later the outfit was already overly snug around her waist.

At seven months and almost two weeks along, she found herself staring at the long mirror and just putting her hands on her stomach and then tried to calculate how big of shirts she needed now. Kira would have to wander into town and do a little more shopping. Eventually, she felt as if she was going to be buried in clothes that didn't fit her anymore. She didn't want to wear the same clothes all the time. There were times that she did want to look nice, like for the dinners with the whole family.

She jumped into her speeder and off she jetted. Once her speeder was parked and secured, she began to walk into the random and very small shops. These shops weren't like the ones on Naboo or Coruscant. But the people that ran them began to recognize her as she waddled in then began to browse the clothing. Thankfully, they had a small amount of shirts that were for expecting mothers.

This time though, she didn't care. She began to take and take, she figured she may as well buy them now, or risk the possibility they may be gone the next time she ventured into town. Pants, well she was able to wear some of her old ones as long as they rested underneath the bump. But lately, long dresses had been the favorite of hers. She found herself purchasing 8 shirts, 5 dresses and two pairs of pants.

She now carried three bags full of clothing as she left the store, a bit more happy but now she began to think about food. Then began to hear as her tummy began to growl at her. Easy, easy there, I know I'm eating for three. Then as she made her way to a small diner, one of the bags she was carrying, the handles had ripped off of one side and emptied all onto the ground. Kira screamed inside her own head in frustration. So close, so close to having a great day. Now this? She sighed as she awkwardly tried to bend down without losing her balance and tried to distribute the clothing now between the two bags. Her face looking a bit disheartened.
Apr 7 2016, 11:16 PM
It'd been a couple of months since that family dinner that introduced Kira to the full Sym household. Things had settled down a little bit since then. Kerrick's room was comfortable but she couldn't wait for their/her house to be finished. It was a place she could finally call her own. In all this, she was forced to grow up a little quicker than Kira had expected.

For the past few weeks, she had tracked her parents' movements and figured out if they would be home or be sent off world. The opportunity had came up when she'd heard that her parents and her brother would be off world for a couple of weeks. Perfect.

Kira had wanted to go back to her house for the longest time just to get some of her things to bring to Dathomir. A couple of childhood things that she wanted to pass down to her own children. Pictures of her parents and even her brother. Kira couldn't deny the darkness inside of her but she couldn't ignore where she'd come from either. No matter what, she'd always love her family, but this was part of growing up. Loosening ties with your home family to create your own.

She wanted to go badly now, but there was no way she'd be able to go alone. Kira was almost seven months pregnant and her travel restrictions were getting tighter and tighter by each passing day. Especially with the way she'd looked, walked. Also, she didn't want to be away too long from the Sym matriarch, her children's grandmother. She knew that River didn't like her, but was putting up with her due to the situation. From what she'd heard, the woman were once a strong leader in the family and was one that earned the respect she'd received from everyone.

Almost every day, Kira would go inside the living room where River were and ask how she were doing. At least make some small talk, then River would ask her to come near and she'd placed her hands upon Kira's baby bump. Just the look on her face, were priceless. She'd heard from Kerrick that his mother wanted grandkids badly. Then Kira felt as Mrs. Sym had felt her belly and felt the movement of the babies and then sent some messages to them through the force. She'd pat Kira's stomach gently to let her know she was finished and could walk away. Kira didn't mind though, as she knew that his mother was quite ill. Even though some days were better than others, slowly she was wasting away and now being there for a while she could understand the pain Kerrick and the rest of the family were going through while having to watch it.

Today though, Kerrick's niece had come by to see her Nana. Maybe it were possible that Amary would go with her to Naboo and keep an eye on her while she got some things done. Amary didn't look like she liked her much either, but she did want to try to get along with all of them as much as she could.

When it looked like Amary was taking a break from seeing her, Kira walked up and gave her a smile. "Hi," she really didn't know how to ask nor how to approach the younger girl. "I kind of have a favor to ask if you don't mind." Kira sat down and relaxed for a second. "Would you like to go to Naboo with me? I need to get some things from my old household. Family should be gone, it shouldn't take me long to pack up the things I want and leave." Kira smiled again, "would you like to go?" She was nervous of the answer she'd get, unsure if this woman really wanted to sit with her in a ship long enough to go there and back. On the other hand, the two could actually get to know one another, as she was a part of Kira's family now.
Feb 10 2016, 02:04 PM
Ever since Cloud City, she'd kept herself scarce. it was labelled as one of the most horrific crimes it'd seen in over 20 years. You think with the way that night ended, she'd have been proud of herself and her kills. It was quite the contrary, to say the least.

She couldn't go back to Thython, the Jedi would know. If she went to Nar, she could blend in a bit. Her red hair tied back and covered with a shawl.

Kira accumulated a few more weapons than just her saber. A blaster and also a sword and the usual dagger that she'd carried. When people say it's a small galaxy she usualy doesn't believe them. When she'd seen the man that nudged her six months ago to go to the shady side of Cloud City, now she might have had to agree.

She hid her force signature and quietly came up to his back with a blaster resting on it. "Give me all your bloody money, and no one will get hurt." She couldn't help but to smile.
Feb 1 2016, 02:21 PM
Kira had just joined a new Jedi Order that had revealed itself. Her mother and father were rogue Jedi Masters and her brother wasn't even sure what he wanted to do. He was older than her which made it a bit more worse. But, to celebrate her acceptance into the new order and the start of a new, adult life, she decided to go to Bespin. Cloud City to be more precise.

The club scene there was alright and it was far away enough that nobody would know who she were. If she got drunk enough, she did reserve a room in one of the city's top hotels so she could easily sleep it off. So, she changed into a decent outfit, one that was a short dress, sleveless and black but shiny with some glitter. The small purse matching the dress, and a belt which carried her saber as it hung inconspicuously.

She hopped up onto the barstool and looked around. It wasn't too busy but the lights were ready to drive her insane. They really didn't need strobe lighting, but she dealt with it. She might have seen soneone down near the end of the bar that got her attention but he was gone the next time she looked in that direction.

Finally the strobe lighting stopped and she was now able to enjoy her drink, which was Corellian whisky and soda. It was her first time drinking it, so she was told to mix it with something sweet like galactic soda. It wasn't too bad, sometimes the bartender made it a little strong but it was okay. She had her second and she was feeling quite happy, she got another glimpse of that one man who she'd seen earlier. This time she was able to at least return her smile before looking down at her own drink.

When she'd gotten to drink three it was as if a sense of calm had come over her body and she'd become some different person all together. Kira thought about dancing but she wasn't ready yet. Nor was she even a good dancer, it's probably what kept her at the bar.
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