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 Helioptics Communications Cable, Ship/Construction Component
Kemoth of Asteria
 Posted: Jul 20 2018, 05:55 PM
The Pale Lady of the Aster
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Aster Helioptics Communications Cable
Product Information

Manufacturer: AsterCorp
Culture: Asterian
Model: Infrastructure, building, or ship component
Type: Communications Cable
Classification: Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fiber Communications Cable
Cost: 140,000 credits (per 100 meters)
Production: Mass Produced

Physical and Technical Specifications

Size: Dependent on installation
Shape: Dependent on installation
Length: Dependent on installation
Weight: Dependent on installation
Capacity: 120 Tbits/second
Ammunition Type: N/A
Armaments: N/A
Range: Dependent on installation
Movement: Infrastructure, building, or ship component

Physical Description

Materials: Hollow-core photonic fiber crystal
Modifications: N/A
Special Features: High Speed Communications - Three different cables are used in the Helioptics that each send information differently, bundled into the same cable. One to, one from, and one for whatever else is needed by the people commanding the building or starship using the Helioptics. The high-speed communications reaches speeds of 120 Tbits/second, allowing massive amounts of information to be sent to and from a place without a lapse in any the time it takes, eliminating lag.
Weaknesses: Able to be damaged - Like similar systems used on-board these things, Helioptics are vulnerable to being damaged. The system is only faster than most of its competitors. It isn’t capable of being immune to damage, unless individually shielded, or something.
Miscellaneous Equipment: N/A
Description: The development of the Helioptics communications cable system was a bit difficult at first, but once the hollow-core technology was developed, Helioptics took off as the flagship communications cable of AsterCorp, for use in vessels that need speed as fast as light (that’s a trademark, btw, and not an actual representation of the speeds; it is fast, but not exactly as fast as light), for cities that need blinding connections, and for buildings that want to be a little faster than the ones next to ‘em. The photonic crystal fiber is capable of sending and receiving information at immense speeds, across facilities in mere moments. Though vulnerable to damage like all systems of its types, it can be individually shielded by specialized systems, and thus well-defended. The system is present in all Aster facilities, and will become more present in Aster technologies as time goes on.

Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Jul 21 2018, 06:16 PM
The Blonde Bombshell
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Application | Plotter | Want AD

The technology petitioned for has been approved. It will be added to the codex of other groups and the application moved to the approved section.

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