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 Varric Tallis, New Republic|Starfighter Corps Marshal
Varric Tallis
 Posted: Aug 3 2017, 11:16 AM
- The New Republic -
Gonna kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight.
- character age -
Neutral Elite
- ooc rank -
New Republic
- faction -

Varric Kace Tallis
Lucky Charm

Marshal Tallis

Thirty Eight
Neutral Elite
New Republic
High Marshal of the New Republic Starfighter Corps
Anthony Mackie
Personality & Description

Standing 5'10" tall and weighing in at 174lbs, Varric's physique remains lean and well-muscled, even after two decades in the cockpit of a fighter. While the most notable feature Varric had inherited from his Thyrsian father are his silvery irises, his deep-hued skin and short-cropped black hair also come from his father. Varric prefers to wear a nondescript uniform, or a flight uniform, while on duty, reserving his formal uniform for the unavoidable special event. Off-duty, his garb is very casual. Varric sports a tattoo of a Toothspike Raptor that spans his upper back across his shoulders. A few scars also adorn his body from younger-day brawls. He often wears a blaster on one hip and a Thyrsian dagger on the other.

Many describe the man as unpredictable, hasty and a survivor; he has a knack for living through situations he should not. Varric is lucky, often claiming to be the Republic’s lucky charm, but can also be hot headed and temperamental at times. He is quick witted and daring, and seems to enjoy plotting and executing risky strategies and piloting maneuvers. Even in his role as Marshal, Tallis will always think, feel, be a fighter pilot. He has a habit of doing what he feels is right, regardless of policy.

Varric is loyal the the Republic, his pilots and his friends, devoutly so, and is quite protective of those he cares for. Generous, romantic, and sarcastic, Varric is a man with many complexities.

Strengths: Varric has the uncanny Thyrsian talent of reading an opponent's body language to forecast their next move. This makes him deadly in hand-to-hand fighting, which he prefers over blasters. Varric has taken his talent to another level, applying it to some extent to fighter combat, giving him a small edge that has kept him alive when he should have been blasted into the void. Hence his "lucky" reputation, and a sense of fearlessness.

Aside from his excellent piloting and melee combat skills, Varric has the ability to build solid relationships with others. Friends, comrades, family, co-workers, when he feels a good connection with someone, Varric nurtures the relationship. He gains energy and strength from strong relationships.

Weaknesses: His strengths can also lead to weaknesses. His prowess in battle gives him courage, taken too far can lead to risky strategies. Upon taking the roll of High Marshal, Varric now must be careful to measure the odds when commanding squadrons of fighters into battle. Also, his willingness to get close to others can lead to difficult decisions between duty and friendship, the good of one versus the good of many. His mood can also swing rapidly, losing his temper quickly or falling into melancholy.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Skills: Starfighter Combat, Military Tactics & Strategies, Republic Military Procedures, Thyrisian Blade Fighting, Marksmanship (Blaster, Slugthrower), Melee Combat, , Basic Spaceflight Mechanics, Galactic History, Thyrsian and Echani Culture, Playing the Hallikset (stringed instrument)

Items: Enforcer Slugthrower Pistol, DL-22 Blaster Pistol, Thyrsian Vibrodagger, Durasteel Scimitar, Seven-Stringed Hallikset

Transport: E-Wing Starfighter


Varric's father was a Thyrsian security officer, his mother a civil servant with the New Republic, serving with an envoy living on Thrysus as part of a diplomatic mission. From the age of five until he reached eighteen, Varric lived with his father on Thrysus, raised in it's culture, receiving the training and education alongside full-blooded Thyrsians. He was an excellent student as far as studies went, though Varric was hard to keep on task, his attention constantly wandering. His father blamed it on is mother's blood. "Humans are never satisfied where they are," he would say.

As if fulfilling his father's proverb, at the age of manhood, Varric left Thyrsus, enamored with space travel and the galaxy at large. He earned his way into the Republic Starfighter Corps as a cadet, proving to have the talent for piloting and mettle for combat. Over the next fifteen years, Varric's daring and ingenuity earned him both promotion and angst among his commanding officers. The fact that he always came out unscathed earned him the moniker "Lucky Charm".

Tragedy struck when a fellow pilot named Nissa Kardune was killed in a training exercise. She and Varric had dated for a year and were engaged to be married. Varric was devastated and became virtuously useless for several months. When he finally returned to active duty, his fearlessness seemed to have doubled. He never fully recovered from Nissa's death. The memories, at times, leave him melancholy or irritable.

When the war erupted, many in the Republic's armed forces saw their careers skyrocket as battle after battle both elevated heroes and decimated the ranks of officers. During the thick of the war, Varric rose from the rank of Major to General. After the war, his efforts earned him the position of High Marshal. Varric now works hand in hand with General Vellanova and Admiral Virox to ensure that peace hold across the Republic.

user posted image
Vanya Aklin
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 12:39 PM
- Global Moderator -
Strip me of my clothes and my doubts. Undress me, undoubt me.
- character age -
Nightsister Master
- ooc rank -
Witches of Dathomir
- faction -

accepted !

Remember to post in the Character Image Claims to get your playby in the directory.Your biography will be relocated with the Non Force User Characters.  Happy roleplaying and again welcome to the community.

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