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 Ryori Holloway, Allyan Master | Witches of Dathomir
Ryori Holloway
 Posted: Aug 8 2018, 10:34 PM
The Battlemaster
Allyan Master
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Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts.
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Witches of Dathomir

Ryori Holloway

32. Witches of Dathomir. Jennifer Connelly.




> Dathomir

IC & OOC Rank

>Battlemaster | Allyan Master


> Mechanic

Additional Information

> Member of the Spirit Falls clan. She has a fully grown companion Nexu, and owns two T.I.E. Defenders that she stole during a mission as a padawan, as well as a Corellian Corvette.

Personality & Description

Ryori is a blunt, often rude individual -- though she is leagues better about her attitude than she used to be. She is not a people person and prefers to keep to herself or the very few friends that she has. She is crass and sarcastic, and never sugar coats her thoughts or feelings to anyone. However, she is also an exceptionally honest individual that strives to rise above her own prejudices and do what she believes to be the right thing. She has a very strict personal code that she lives by, and she believes in being a better person than those that have hurt her throughout her life. Or at least, in trying to be.

She has fair skin and long, curly black hair. Her eyes are a very unnatural shade for a human, a blue so pale they almost don't have any pigmentation in them at all. There are a number of scars littered across her body, but the most notable ones are old whip marks on her back, a ring of discolored skin around her right forearm, and the crescent shaped scar on her right palm from her adoptive blood ritual into the Dathomiri community.

Force Abilities & Other Skills

Ryori is a master of the Force, and as such is capable of performing difficult feats and powers with it. While she is more liberal these days with the types of powers she uses, her past as a Jedi and her status as an Allyan keep her from tapping into what she would consider truly dark powers. Since she was a padawan, she has shown a talent for telekinetic powers in particular. However, she is a very poor healer and often has to rely more on mundane methods rather than the Force to assist wounded allies.

As an officially titled Battlemaster, she has proven mastery over the use of various types of sabers as well as hand to hand combat, and she is proficient with most other types of common weapons. She has also maintained her skills as a mechanic since her freedom from slavery.


Ryori was kidnapped from her parents and sold into slavery at the age of three. She spent the next couple decades of her life being passed from home to home, planet to planet like property. Because she was always a bit of a rebellious slave, few owners held onto her for long. When she was twenty-three, a man finally purchased her and gave her freedom.

With no family or friends to speak of, and little by way of dreams or goals, Ryori decided to simply make a choice on what to do with her life and dedicate herself to it. Thus was how she joined the Jedi Order. Unsure if she was even capable of wielding the Force or not, she showed up at the nearest Jedi temple and was assigned a mentor by the name of Rhett Marius. Through his gentle and persistent coaching, as well as his patience with her often poor attitude, she was not only able to use the Force but to control it rather efficiently.

While working with one another, Rhett and Ryori formed a bond that would shape the rest of the young woman's life forever. Rhett fell in love with her rather quickly, and while it took some time for her to understand her own feelings she loved him as well. Eventually, after a long time of avoiding the topic because of the taboos of it within the Jedi Order, the two confessed their feelings and chose to spend their lives together.

However, her fairy tale ending of finally finding love and happiness after a lifetime of abuse was swiftly taken from her. Rhett left on a secret mission for the Order and never returned. Fearing the worst, Ryori searched for clues for years about what may have happened to him until eventually he visited her as a Force Ghost and was able to explain where he had been and the cause of his death.

The news of his passing destroyed her emotionally. It took her several years more to come to fully come to terms with her grief, though she did do her best to move on at Rhett's final request of her. Ryori attempted a couple relationships, and found a piece of healing with each of them but none of them lasted for longer than a few months. During this time, she focused herself on her work as a Jedi and spent much of her efforts on training the next generation. A notable student for her was a young boy named Alain Haven, whom Ryori eventually came to think of as a son, and he treated her as a surrogate for his late mother.

In addition to Alain, she was able to find several more family members for herself. An Allyan witch of Dathomir was her best friend for several years, and invited Ryori to be adopted into her clan. The ceremony involved a blood ritual on Dathomir that bound Ryori to the planet as firmly as those who had been born to it. On top of this, she discovered the identities of many of her real blood relatives, including her pirate mother, her Sith father, a twin brother who is also a Sith, and even a pair of much younger siblings that were also twins. Though she has no relationship with her mother or the younger siblings, and a violent history with her father, her twin brother became one of her closest friends despite their different Codes.

The day she was made a master of the Order was quite the shock to her, given her history. While Ryori had never broken the Jedi Code, she did not get along with any of the other Jedi, and most had made their distaste for her clear as well. Despite this, she did her best to live up to the title. With the mentorship and patience of an aged Twi'lek council member, Ryori was finally able to work on her tongue and attitude, repairing much of her reputation and even earning some respect from her colleagues. Eventually, she was even awarded the prestigious title of Battlemaster due to her combat prowess and her success in commanding warrior forces in battle.

However, as time went on it became more and more clear to her that she did not fit in with the Jedi Order. She viewed many of them as hypocrites, and came to believe that the Code's extreme insistence on keeping from emotion and attachments was just as dangerous as the Sith's Code of giving into their desires. She realized that true balance and peace could not afford either extreme, and as such she thanked the Order for their investment and acceptance of her, and resigned her position with them.

With no home world to return to, Ryori took residence on Nar Shaddaa at the suggestion of her brother. She lived there for a time working on her ships and as a mechanic until ultimately deciding to make her permanent residence with her family back on Dathomir -- though she maintains ownership of her city flat on Nar Shaddaa. With her clan, she became fully immersed in her adoptive culture and found herself finally feeling as though she had a true place to call home. While she does often venture off the planet to trade or gather information on matters that interest her or may effect her people, she has embraced the life of an Allyan witch and feels more aligned with her place in their society than she did with the Jedi Order. She continues to whet her skills as a mechanic for both her clan and others that have need of such skills, and currently lives a relatively simple life with her people. At least, as simple as it can be while trying to cohabitate on the planet with the Nightsister Covens...

Ryori Holloway

EST. Discord: Zaccai#7642 | Skype: SerenityEvermoor

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Nirvana Decuir
 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 06:23 PM
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