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 The Little Red Theatre
Yvana Lavar
 Posted: Jul 4 2016, 09:57 AM
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The Little Red Theatre

The Little Red Theatre Bio

The Little Red Theatre is a unique business on Coruscant it has something for everyone, high brow entertain upstairs in the form of opera and classical productions and downstairs there are various forms of adult entertainment.

Upstairs Hierarchy:

Owner/Operator: Yvana's job which is concerned with choosing productions and monitoring the day to day running of her managers

Managers: The business manager controls all money generating aspects of the theatre they are responsible for the food and drinks, security, ticket sales hiring and firing service staff and all the outgoings such as electricity and wages. The stage manager is in charge of hiring of the performers as well as deciding on which productions to run during the year. Both Managers report directly to the Owner but are given nearly unrestricted autonomy.

Directors: Are responsible for putting on the shows, they are the direct manager of all the performers and report to the stage manger.

Actors/ musicians/ Dancers: These are the people who perform in every production they can range from the highly skilled narrow focus Prima Ballerina to the jack of all trades actor singers.

Chef: Is responsible for providing all the food and drinks required by the audience and the meals for the staff. They produce the highest quality products within there well appointed kitchen

Servers/Ushers: The grunts of the Theatre but never the less perform a critical role as the people who spend the most time with the customers and represent the company to everyone who meets them.

Downstairs Hierarchy:

Owner: Yvana controls all aspects of the business downstairs and her word is final. Anyone who wishes to disagree with her decision will find themselves out on there ass faster than a blaster bolt.

The Dancers/ Strippers: These men and women are the providers of most of the entertainment and as such are the top of the food chain. As they bring in the customers and money into the club they are afforded the same level of influence as a manager would.

Security Manager: This person is responsible for the safety of the staff, VIP's, normal customers and the public in that order. They make sure that no weapons are brought into the club and is the person in charge of making sure banned people are not allowed in as well as making sure trouble makers get put on the ban list. Once you are on the ban list only the Security manager and the owner can take the person off it.

Table Servers/ Bartenders: They make sure the customers get the food and drink they need while they are in the club.

Security: They are the spine of the club, they make sure the staff are safe and are highly trained with the blaster pistols and rifles they are issued with.

Chef: They are responsible for making the food needed in the club and for the staff down here.

Photographers: They are the people who take the shots of the dancers which are sold to the customers at the club and over the holonet.

Current Staff

Owner: Yvana Lavar






Rules and Regulations

1. The golden rule No means no, If your told you can't touch then don't try to, if your told your not getting more alcohol don't ask for it and if your told we are closing you better be leaving.

2.Yvana inside these walls is judge jury and if your bad executioner, she reserves the right to change the rules as and when she pleases.

3.If it's illegal outside the walls of the theatre it's illegal inside them. The theatre is a clean business you dirty it you will see a mad Yvana and that is not pretty.

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